United States, Canada Preparing New Mutual Coronavirus Travel Ban

The United States and Canada are preparing new bilateral travel bans between themselves in light of the global Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

Canadian and American government officials confirmed the ongoing preparations of the travel bans on Tuesday. They indicate that formal announcement of the restrictions on freedom of movement could be announced Wednesday morning.

The travel ban appears to differ from bans imposed on movement from Europe and China in its bilateral nature. Unelected European Union bureaucrats protested when President Donald Trump restricted travel from continental Europe to the United States, claiming the move was premature. Now, Europe has been declared the global epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic and the EU has finally implemented an external travel ban of its own, perhaps far too late.

Canadian and American officials have described the nature of the bilateral travel ban as preserving some economic trade between the neighboring countries. The ban targets “non-essential travel,” a term which officials are working to concisely define before the travel ban’s implementation.

Canadians currently within the United States will be able to freely return home. Americans returning will likely be subject to more stringent screening measures. Reports have indicated that Canada has utilized an utterly lacking screening system for travelers from China, letting new visitors into the country without more than asking if they’ve been present in the nation’s Hubei province.

The ban is one of several applied by Canada restricting entry into its borders by foreign citizens. The Canadian bans, which came together in the past several days, represent a repudiation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s neoliberal principles of free movement of peoples. He’s the latest globalist to recognize, at least in a limited form,  the utter uselessness of his political vision in an era of a global viral pandemic disease.

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