United States Deep State Gave Greenlight to Ukraine to Target Russian Territory With US-Supplied Missiles

On September 10, 2023 United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that the ball is in Ukraine’s corner on whether it will target Russian territory with US-supplied armaments.

Such a move could potentially  bring the US and Russia closer to a direct conflict with each other.

Blinken made these remarks after ABC News reported that it’s likely the Biden regime will soon send Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) to  Ukraine. These Missile systems have a striking range of up to 190 miles.

While making an appearance on ABC’s ‘This Week,’ Blinken received a question if he was comfortable with Ukraine using ATACMS to strike targets deep inside of Russian territory. “In terms of their targeting decisions, it’s their decision, not ours,” Blinken responded.

When asked about the surge of Ukrainian drone attacks inside of Russia, Blinken asserted that the US  government does not “encourage” or “enable” the operations. That said, The Economist recently reported that Ukrainian drone attacks on Russia heavily rely on Western intelligence.

As the Russo-Ukrainian war enters its second year, the Biden regime has been less worried about the risk of Ukraine launching attacks inside Russia that could potentially escalate the war. The Biden regime was previously worried that Russia would respond to these attacks by potentially attacking a NATO country.

Additionally, the US has dismissed Russian warnings against sending longer-range missiles to Ukraine, as Russian authorities have previously described  them a “red line.” Per a US official who spoke to ABC, the ATACMS “are coming.”

The US is playing with fire in Ukraine. The much hyped Ukrainian counter-offensive has fizzled out, which was to be expected given Ukraine’s massive military disadvantage when confronting Russia.

Sending more military aid to Ukraine will simply lead to more senseless slaughter. In fact, it could result in the absolute destruction of the Ukrainian state. 

Ending this proxy war is the first step towards saving lives here.

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