United States Government Warns of False Flag Attacks Carried Out by Russia in the Black Sea

According to Andrew Thornebrooke of The Epoch Times, the United States government is warning that Russia could use sea mines to carry out a false flag operation to justify its continued targeting of civilian grain vessels in the northern part of the Black Sea. 

White House National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby said to reporters on July 20, 2023 that the Biden regime felt it was necessary for the US government to issue a “warning” about Russian disinformation on the matter.

Russia, he stated, published a video on July 20 claiming to show the seizure and detonation of a Ukrainian sea mine.

Despite the allegation, Kirby claimed that Russia was actually placing sea mines at the entrances to Ukrainian ports and targeting civilian vessels carrying food to and from the region.

“Our information indicates additional sea mines in the entrances to Ukrainian ports, and yesterday we observed Russia release a video of the detection and detonation of what they claim was a Ukrainian sea mine,” Kirby proclaimed.

“We believe that this is rather a coordinated effort to justify any attacks against civilian ships in the Black Sea and then blame them on Ukraine in what we would consider… a false flag operation.”

Kirby’s remarks come a few days after the Russian government announced it would not renew the Black Sea Grain Initiative. This deal allowed civilian vessels to carry grain to and from Ukraine, as long as they were inspected by a third party to guarantee they were not being used as vehicles for weapons smuggling.

Ukraine is a wheat exporting giant, standing at 5th place in terms of wheat exports. It exports over 18 tons of food to the rest of the world annually.

Ever since Russia refused to restore the deal, Kirby stated that Russia has started targeting civilian infrastructure in Ukrainian port cities in an effort to allegedly cripple Ukraine’s food supplies. He also noted that Russian forces are also sea mining Ukrainian ports. .

“Russia has already announced publicly that all ships proceeding to Ukrainian ports in Black Sea waters will be considered potential carriers of military cargo, even though they are simply trying to pick up food that will feed people around the world,” Kirby stated.

In addition to targeting civilian grain vessel, Russian announced that it will track any such vessels entering Ukrainian ports and their flag countries as parties to the conflict on the Ukrainian side

In response, Kirby revealed the Biden regime was “watching very, very closely” for any sign of a Russian false flag operation that could be used to justify heightened attacks against civilian infrastructure.

Additionally, Kirby announced that the Biden regime is imposing sanctions against roughly 120 entities it believes are responsible for helping Russia gain access to international finance and military technologies.

“We’re taking additional steps to hold Russia accountable for its illegal war against Ukraine,” Kirby said in a concluding remark. 

US national security and foreign policy elites have reached alarming levels of delusion with regards to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. If any “false flag” attack is going to happen, it’s gonna be an attack facilitated by the West and its Ukrainian allies. Western elites are oozing with projection so their claims should always be treated with a grain of salt. 

At this point, the only sensible foreign policy with regards to Ukraine is one that ends military aid to it and initiates some form of negotiated settlement between Russia and Ukraine to end this conflict once and for all. 

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