United States is Quadrupling Its Troop Presence in Taiwan 

According to a recent report, the United States is quadrupling the number of troops deployed in Taiwan as tensions grow between the Island country and China. 

This move comes against the backdrop of an incident in which a Chinese balloon entered US airspace and sparked a diplomatic kerfuffle between the US and China over surveillance. 

The US currently has plans of deploying between 100-200 troops to Taiwan in the upcoming months per a Wall Street Journal report. This would represent the US’s largest deployment of military units to the island. 

The American troops will build on top of what the Pentagon describes as a “training program” which assists Taiwan with capabilities to fend off a potential invasion by mainland China. 

China insists that Taiwan is part of its sovereign territory and has flown record numbers of sorties into its airspace. The US is Taiwan’s strongest ally and biggest supplier of weaponry.

That said, Taiwan’s Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng said on February 24, 2023 that “the information is from US media, and we don’t know where it comes from. Our exchanges with the US have been non-stop because we get our weapons and equipment from the US.”

“No US troops are stationed in Taiwan,” he stated to Bloomberg.

This move by the US to station more troops in Taiwan is part of its broader “Pivot to Asia” designed to contain China’s rise in the region. It’s the latest ploy by the national security state to get the US involved in another great power conflict with a nuclear power.

The most rational way to confront China is by decoupling trade from and restricting immigration from it. Pursuing a great power conflict with China is just another way for the US to enter a devastating global conflict.

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