United States Officials Tell Ukrainian Authorities to Negotiate With Russia 

According to a Washington Post report published on November 7, 2022,  United States officials are now calling on the Ukrainian government to negotiate with Russia to bring an end to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

This comes in light of President Volodomyr Zelensky’s announcement that Ukraine has no intention of negotiating with Russia until President Vladimir Putin is relieved of the burden of holding higher office.

The Biden regime wants to hammer out this deal as a way for Ukraine to maintain “a moral high ground in the eyes of its international backers”. In addition, this move represents “a calculated attempt to ensure the government in Kiev maintains the support of other nations facing constituencies wary of fueling a war for many years to come”.

Due to the alarming food and fuel cost crisis taking place in the West, the Biden regime is recognizing that its current approach to the Ukraine war is unsustainable. In fact, the Washington Post report called attention to war “fatigue” that’s beginning to set in and the growing Republican opposition to dumping foreign aid on Ukraine at will.

Per US officials, the incoming harsh winter and Ukraine’s current set of emergency blackouts brought about by Russia’s missile strikes on Ukraine’s energy grid will make the Zelensky regime receptive to the idea of negotiating a ceasefire.

Regardless, of what happens in Ukraine, the US needs to stay out of this conflict and let Russia and Ukraine settle this matter. This is a conflict where no pressing national interest is at stake for the US.

Instead, the US needs to focus on its domestic affairs and make sure that its southern border is secure from real threats — drug cartels, human traffickers, and potential terrorists.

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