United States & Russia Have Been in Secret Talks as Ukraine Counter-Offensive Shows Clear Signs of Failure

Despite billions of military aid being sent to Ukraine and tons of media hype surrounding Ukraine’s counter-offensive against Russia, new reports are showing that this counter-offensive has been a dud thus far. 

“Secret diplomatic talks are ongoing between former senior U.S. national security officials and high-ranking members of the Kremlin, a U.S. official directly involved in the talks has confirmed to The Moscow Times,” The Moscow Times reported.

Although NBC reported earlier in July on the back-channel discussions with leading Russia officials, Moscow Times interviewed an US official involved, who desired anonymity, revealing what’s labeled “track 1.5 diplomacy”. 

These series of meetings have involved Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov representing the Russian side which Moscow Times reported below:

“Known as track 1.5 diplomacy, these covert discussions enable both sides to understand each other’s red lines and mitigate potential conflicts, serving as a crucial link between official government negotiations (track 1 diplomacy) and unofficial expert dialogues (track 2).”

“There is an eminent need for track 1.5 diplomacy when the world gets closed off as it has now,” the US official who is directly involved in these discussions stated. 

“I have been visiting Moscow at least every three months,” the diplomat said to Moscow Times. In the initial stages of Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine, there was a popular belief in the Collective West that Ukraine could beat back Russia, thereby rendering diplomatic communications meaningless. For a brief period of time, diplomatic communications between Russia and the Collective West became increasingly non-existent. 

However, the game has changed with the Ukrainian counter-offensive beginning to flame out. Some elites in the Collective West are recognizing the futility of continuing this misguided military aid campaign to Ukraine. 

Instead, there are now efforts being made to slowly move towards a negotiated settlement between Russia and the Collective West. However, as long as neoliberal and neoconservative interventionists dominate foreign policy decision-making circles, no meaningful peace will be achieved during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.  

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