United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Claims that the United States and Allies are Still United on Ukraine 

During a press conference held on January 12, 2022, United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that countries of the Collective West remain united on the Ukraine issue. 

This conference came after a meeting between US and Japanese foreign policy and defense leaders.

“We are going to conduct another Ukraine defense contact group meeting next week in Germany where we’ll get 50 or so ministers of defense together to talk about what Ukraine’s needs are now and what they need to be successful going forward,” Austin stated.

“You’ve heard us say over and over again that we’re going to support Ukraine for as long as it takes, and from everything that I can see from our allies and partners, they feel the same way. So we remain united in our efforts,” the defense secretary stated.

So far, the Russians have gotten back on the scoreboard after taking the eastern Ukrainian city of Soledar. Currently, Russian forces are making gradual progress in Siversk and Bakhmut (Called Artyomovsk in Russia).The regime of Vladimir Zelensky has sent significant amount of forces to reinforce Ukraine’s position in Bakhmut, which many military experts believe is a key position for Ukraine to hold. Should Bakhmut fall, it will be much easier for Russian forces to secure their gains in the Donetsk region and proceed to move forward throughout the rest of Ukraine.

It’s clear that Russia is making gains in Ukraine despite the copious amounts of economic and military aid the Collective West is sending to Ukraine. This continued influx of military largesse only prolongs Ukraine’s inevitable defeat, which will be filled with needless suffering, loss of life, and economic upheaval. 

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