United States Senators are Calling on the Defense Department to Provide Advanced Drones to Ukraine 

Several United States senators on both sides of the political aisle are calling on the Biden regime to supply Ukraine with advanced MQ-1C Gray Eagle drones. Such drones would give Kiev longer-range strike capabilities.

Thus far, the Biden regime has remained hesitant about sending the drones because of the risk of heightening tensions with Russia and concerns that this sensitive drone technology in the drones could fall in the wrong hands.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, the Biden regime has opted to not provide the drones, although there are conflicting reports that dispute this claim and that the Biden regime is still mulling the matter. 

In a letter that 16 senators sent to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, they voiced “concern” over the reports that indicated that the Biden regime has refused to send the MQ-1C. The senators called on the Biden regime to give “careful reconsideration” to Ukraine’s request for military aid.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst was the principal author of this letter, which was signed by several members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The senators claimed that the MQ-1C and other long-range weapons would give “Ukraine additional lethality needed to eject Russian forces and regain occupied territory.”

Dave DeCamp of Antiwar.com explained the dangers of supplying these drones to Ukraine: 

Providing MQ-1Cs would be a major escalation in US military aid to Kyiv as the drones can be armed with powerful hellfire missiles and can fly for up to 30 hours. The drones would give Ukraine the capability to strike targets inside Russian territory.

Increased military aid to Ukraine will not only prolong an otherwise avoidable conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but could lead to further escalation on Russia’s part. Such a scenario could lead to the potential destruction of Ukraine as Russia enjoys escalatory dominance in military terms. 

In a sane world, a negotiated settlement would be the best course of action to resolve the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Overall, the US needs to extricate itself from this conflict and focus on its domestic politics and real national security threats such as its porous border. 

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