United States Weapons Manufacturers are Making Beaucoup Bucks from Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

According to an Associated Press report published on September 10,  2022, United States weapons manufacturers are largely profiting from the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Press TV reported that there have been “massive increases in procurement orders for US weaponry being earmarked for Ukraine’s military.”

US military officials claimed that the Pentagon has been receiving increased requests for weapons, which includes the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, (HIMARS), that many Western military experts have claimed to be a game-changer in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

The officials stated on September 9 that US Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and 

Sustainment Dr. William A. LaPlante said to reporters that the Pentagon has been cooperating with the defense industry to boost weapons production to fulfill both American and international demands for various armaments.

LaPlante noted that the US has to replace the HIMARS systems it has dumped on Ukraine and forecasts future increases in foreign sales.

The Pentagon announced that it’s in the process of replacing roughly $7 billion in weapons and equipment that was rapidly sent to Ukraine. Approximately $1.2 billion of those weapons had already been contracted, and about half of that was allocated for Stinger missiles. 

Thus far, Congress has earmarked a total of $12.5 billion for these replacements, on top of  $6 billion to buy armaments and equipment from the arms industry with the purpose of sending it to Ukraine.

Several of the funds are being spent to invest in the defense industrial base so that companies can grow or expedite their production operations.

“We remain committed to getting things on contract as quickly as possible, ultimately to send a clear and persistent demand signal to our partners in industry,” declared LaPlante. 

A senior Pentagon official revealed in August that the US military had been surreptitiously supplying the Ukrainian military with High-speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (HARM) for a while. The purpose of these missile systems are to counter Russian radar systems.

“When we first announced the initial provision of HARM missiles, the way that we characterized it in the announcement was not specific. We described that we were providing a counter-radar capability,” the official stated

Thus far in the “special military operation” phase of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, which commenced on February 24, 2022, the US has provided Ukraine with $9.1 billion in military aid.

Providing more military aid will do nothing to change the outcome of this conflict. In fact, it will lead to more unnecessary bloodshed. On top of that, BLP has reported that Russia is willing to escalate the conflict to frightening levels if the US continues heightening its military aid to Ukraine. 

Further escalation on the part of the Collective West against Russia will undoubtedly put the two parties much closer to a nuclear conflict. Under these circumstances, restraint is 100% necessary. 

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