‘Unity, Liberty and Opportunity’: New Populist ‘OppScore’ Rates Lawmakers Based on America First Principles

Former U.S. Congressional candidate John Paul Moran of Massachusetts recently appeared on Big League Politics Live to discuss his vision for the future of America.

Moran is the leader of GOUSA, an organization that is working on reforming politics in order to push elected officials to abide by populist, America First principles.

“Our mission has been to really focus on the principles of unity, liberty and opportunity for all. All three things we are not getting from our current government,” he said.

Moran explained that “the left” and “other anti-American forces” are working to “ruin the American dream.” GOUSA is trying to reverse this national slump into oblivion through their OppScore, or opportunity score, to rate lawmakers on purely populist principles.

The OppScore grades lawmakers on five core functions, or points of opportunity, which include personal liberty, economic opportunity, social opportunity, educational opportunity and national opportunity. GOUSA based these criteria on what Americans care about in terms of the issues.

“The idea of the opportunity score is unlike any other score out there…which are effectively ideological scores,” Moran said, comparing his system to a system like Rotten Tomatoes or Yelp for politicians.

“The guard rails are the Constitution and liberty. Nothing gets in the OppScore unless it’s constitutional so it’s not just a free-wheeling populist score. It’s based on the boundaries of law and the Constitution,” he added.

Moran explained how the rating works, using abortion as an example, and how GOUSA’s OppScore rates lawmakers based on what the public wants, rather than on the biases of a particular group seeking to promote fidelity to their ideology.

“It’s not about me, it’s not about my group. It’s about what the people want,” Moran said, adding that the public is generally pro-life but supports abortion up to the first trimester or before a heartbeat can be detected by the fetus.

“About 70-75 percent of Americans are okay with abortion whether they agree with it or not in the very beginning but not later,” he said, making the point that conservatives can use technology showing fetal development at the earliest of stages in order to convince the public on the necessity to stop all abortions, which would in turn affect the OppScore.

“The point is I tell my conservative friends, listen, you’re winning all the way to Sunday, you’re winning 90-95 percent of the time. If you’re on the Left, my God, you’re getting crushed, because from borders to taxes to education to school choice to pushing divisiveness, critical race theory, all of those things, the Left is on the wrong side,” Moran stated.

Moran believes that the opportunity score can bring disparate groups together, even some of the less militant chapters of Black Lives Matter, which also loathe the political establishment and may not support repressive policies like COVID-19 mandates, vaccine passports or a domestic police state crackdown.

“They agree with putting these politicians to task and making them work for the people, and they like that idea, which is really interesting,” he said.

GOUSA has an event, “Christmas: Uncancelled”, which is scheduled to take place at Moran’s home in Brockton, Mass. on Saturday, Dec. 4. Speakers scheduled for the event include Trump-endorsed governor candidate Geoff Diehl, Jacob Wells from GiveSendGo, Marcy Wells McCauley from ROAR, and others. Tickets are available here. The official website for GOUSA is https://go-usa.us/.

The full episode of BLP Live can be seen here:

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