Universal Basic Income For LGBTQ People?

Universal Basic Income For LGBTQ

Democrats in California have proved yet again that their party of “inclusion” and “tolerance” is actually made up of hypocrisy, bigotry and discrimination.

In the latest news from the state, The Palm Springs City Council just announced its new Marxist “universal basic income” program for those who are gay and transgender.

In other words, money from the state’s most productive citizens will be redistributed to those who identify as part of the LGBTQ rainbow.


Universal Basic Income For LGBTQ

“Palm Springs City Council members voted unanimously to launch the pilot by giving a $200,000 grant to the non-profit organizations DAP Health and Queer Works,” notes a report at Zero Hedge.

According to the council, the money will be used “to provide cash assistance to low-income members of the LGBTQ community.”

“The grant money will be allocated to 20 transsexuals and non-binary residents of the city through each non-profit. Its impact will be reviewed over the next six months as the first phase of a three-phase program that the city council hopes to see out over an 18-month period.,” the report continued, adding:

As the program enters into its successive phases, both non-profits will also incorporate 20 other trans and non-binary participants who will not receive a monthly pay out, as the basis for a control group in an eerily seeming social engineering experiment. Those receiving the $900 payout do not face any income restrictions or general means test beyond their gender identity.

So not only is this socialist scheme being pushed by a bunch of Democrats, it’s also being directed at a very specific group of people.

All with no strings attached according to reports – the money could be used for virtually anything.

This is just more proof that, when it comes to leftist policies, it’s always about dividing people up into special interest groups and then using those groups as political pawns.

Fox News reported that the state is going to hand out this money regardless if people even need it. Stating income levels won’t be an issue.

Republican Carl DeMaio, who served as the first openly gay member of the San Diego City Council has dubbed the efforts as “outrageous and discriminatory.”

Universal Basic Income For LGBTQ

“We’re completely opposed to guaranteed or universal basic income programs because they ultimately cause inflation and raise the cost of living on everyone — they don’t work,” DeMaio noted in a statement.

“But at least some of them have minimum income requirements to qualify, whereas this one is no-strings-attached ‘woke’ virtue signaling to the LGBT community in a way that is not only offensive but discriminatory,” he continued.

“We shouldn’t be handing out cash to people based on their sexuality or their gender identity. That’s outrageous and discriminatory,” DeMaio said.

This is just one more example of the left’s blatant discrimination against heterosexuals, men, and now even women if they don’t identify as gay or transgender. What’s next? Will there be a program for black lesbians only? What about white gay men?

The slippery slope just got steeper.

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