University Gestapo Strikes: Clemson Brings Student In Front Of Ethics Board For Not Wearing Mask

Clemson University, considered by many to be among the upper tier of conservative colleges in a conservative state, has apparently abandoned that notoriety and instead opted to exude the veneer of Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia. According to The Epoch Times, a student of Clemson was recently summoned to appear before a member of the school’s Ethics Board for the crime of supposedly not wearing a mask within the school premises.

Clemson University has established a hotline that students and faculty can use to inform the Gestapoesque university administrators of any violations of their debunked covid-19 restrictions. In addition to the hotline, the university has prudently expended resources to set up an Office of Community and Ethical Standards Board (OCES) as well as require regular testing in order to allow students the privilege of full access to the facilities they already paid for.

The foundations of this unfortunate state of affairs at Clemson were laid when the Supreme Court of South Carolina showed as much backbone as Lindsey Graham when they decided to allow state colleges, who receive substantial money from the South Carolina taxpayer, to institute mask mandates on their campuses. The heralding incident that broke the nerve of the South Carolina Supreme Court was a mere lawsuit filed by a professor from the University of South Carolina (USC) against the USC itself as well as Attorney General Alan Wilson. Perhaps their stance on the Second Amendment might also be bulldozed over if a similar lawsuit were filed to that end as well.

In a demonstration of the intelligence of the legal profession, Attorney General Wilson had informed the President of USC that the mask mandate the school was planning on implementing was in violation of a state proviso. In the minds of Wilson and others who are supposedly put in office to stand up for their voters and protect their freedoms, this was enough to stave away the subversives who have stopped at nothing to gain political power. Unsurprisingly, the wording of this proviso contained a loophole, which leftists were all too eager to exploit. In essence, the proviso prohibited the discriminatory actions of USC to require only the unvaccinated students to wear masks, so they instead ordered ALL students to wear masks.

The student who was summoned received a letter from the OCES Board ordering her to appear in a ZOOM meeting to talk about the incident where she allegedly failed to wear a mask on the school premises. The student was informed that her allegedly not wearing a mask stood in violation of the university’s student code of conduct directive covering health and safety compliance. However, being reported to the OCES about not wearing a mask is officially intended to serve as a last resort.

This was what scared this student as this carried with it several uncomfortable possible implications, including but not limited to a “passive-aggressive stalker”. This student is not even someone who wishes to protest mask mandates, saying that “Had my mask slipped below my nose I would have been happy to comply with a request to fix it.”

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