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University of Iowa Professor Blames White Marble Statues for Racism



University of Iowa professor Sarah Bond authored an entire op-ed crediting the use of white marble in classical art for modern day racism — claiming that its beauty is a “dangerous construct that continues to influence white supremacist ideas today.”

Bond’s piece, published on the art and culture website Hyperallergic, asserts that “the equation of white marble with beauty is not an inherent truth of the universe. Where this standard came from and how it continues to influence white supremacist ideas today are often ignored.”

According to Bond, the fact that many of the most prominent classical statues and sarcophagi are made with white marble creates a “false idea of homogeneity.” She asserts that while the Romans did not describe themselves as “white,” the popularity of white statues is what eventually lead to humans ranking those with lighter skin tones as more desirable.

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As no liberal op-ed would be complete without comparing someone or something to Nazis, Bond made sure to do just that.

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Discussing the white marble Roman Apollo of the Belvedere, Bond notes that Dutch anatomist Pieter Camper has used measurements of the statues features, such as the lines running from the nose to the ear and the forehead to the jawbone, to find the formula for perfect beauty. This, according to Bond, is also racist.

“Those ratios were later used by others to create the racist ‘cephalic index,’ which categorized humans based on the width and length of their facial features. The Nazis drew on the index to support notions of Aryan superiority in Germany during the Third Reich,” the professor wrote.

To solve this problem of perceived ancient racism in history, Bond wrote that she doesn’t recommend going and painting the statues — but would like to see “3D reconstructions alongside originals,” essentially rewriting history. She also suggested that museums alter the displays of these historic works of art by using “computerized light projections” to virtually change them.

“It may have taken just one classical statue to influence the false construction of race, but it will take many of us to tear it down. We have the power to return color to the ancient world, but it has to start with us,” the professor wrote.

In a comment to Campus Reform, Bond stated that “the point is simply that Greeks and Romans actually added color to their art and thus white marble was often the canvas rather than the finished product. The exalting of white (and unpainted) marble was then an 18th century construct of beauty rather than representative of the classical view.”

A commentator on Bond’s article, using only the name “Michael,” pointed out that Bond’s call for changing the presentation of historic artifacts “is projecting the concerns of the present onto the distant past, which I thought was a big fallacy which every historian is supposed to avoid. If the classical world didn’t have our notions of “white people” and racism, they also didn’t have our modern notions of anti-racism, multi-culturalism, and diversity as a value.”

In George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, the Ministry of Truth also rewrote history. The author wrote that this Marxist tactic is essentially a form of mind control being used by Big Brother to control the population’s perception of reality.

“History is constantly rewritten to suit the current goals of the Party. Only the destruction of human memory will make it possible. Hence the Ministry of Truth (Minitru) modifies history perpetually to the tune of the ideals of the Party,” Orwell wrote.


WAHHHH: Georgia Election Official Whines Over Growing Anger Against Officials Signing Off on Fraud

What a crybaby.



Gabriel Sterling, a top official in the Georgia secretary of state’s office, released a whiny rant on Tuesday in which he lamented over the anger that is building against state Republican officials who are doggedly preventing electoral irregularities from being investigated.

“It’s all gone too far. All of it,” the Georgia election worker said. “Joe DiGenova today asked for Chris Krebs, a patriot who ran CISA, to be shot.”

“A 20-something tech in Gwinnett County today has death threats and a noose saying they should be hung for treason because she was transferring a report on batches,” he added.

This bum is calling for President Donald Trump to stop his quest to root out election fraud because of the hurt feelings of these snowflake bureaucrats.

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“It has to stop! Mr. President, you have not condemned these actions or this language. Senators, you have not condemned this language or these actions. This has to stop! We need you to step up, and, if you’re going to take a position of leadership, show some,” the angry little man said.

He whined about the pressure that Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is receiving after becoming a nationally-reviled figure for stopping inquiry into Georgia’s corrupt electoral process.

“This is elections. This is the backbone of our democracy, and all of you who have not said a damn word are complicit in this. I can’t begin to explain the level of anger I have right now over this,” the triggered coward said. “And every American, every Georgian, Republican or Democrat alike, should have that same level of anger.”

He ended by blaming President Trump for his state’s own corrupt farce while calling for him to stop his quest to overturn the steal in order to protect culpable officials from imaginary violence.

“You have the rights to go through the courts. What you don’t have the ability to do, and you need to step up and say this, is stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence. Someone’s going to get hurt. Someone’s going to get shot, or someone’s going to get killed, and it’s not right,” he concluded.

His entire beta male rant can be seen here:

Sterling’s extreme cowardice is laughable, but his entitlement and arrogance is absolutely nauseating. The Founding Fathers would have certainly been much more radical toward vote stealers than President Trump and his supporters have been, by a wide margin.

Big League Politics has reported about the sad debacle in Georgia, which has disenfranchised Republican voters in the state unlike anything before:

A Fulton County, Georgia woman is describing handling a “pristine” batch of ballots that were marked “98%” of the time for Joe Biden in election recount duties, describing the suspicious phenomenon in a sworn affidavit.

Susan Voyles identifies herself as a participant in Georgia’s post-election recount in the affidavit, filed in litigation against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger by Trump campaign attorney Lin Wood.

Voyles describes seeing ballots that differed considerably from the other ballots she was entrusted to count in the remix.

Voyles describes the batch of ballots as unusual in their texture and level of handling, and that she estimates 98% of them were cast for Joe Biden. Voyles even speculates that these ballots could’ve been processed through a ballot-marking device!

Voyles earlier described election recount supervisors as tasking them to process ballots in a “selective” fashion. Boxes of absentee ballots were signed by no one, without markings one might expect the Georgia Secretary of State to outfit absentee ballots with.

Another witness describes viewing election workers count 500 straight ballots for Joe Biden, all of which were marked with perfect black bubbles.

Trump and his supporters must not yield an inch, now that these crooked officials are feeling the heat. They are making major headway in pushing back against the steal, and the bad guys are getting frightened as a result!

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