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University of Iowa Professor Blames White Marble Statues for Racism



University of Iowa professor Sarah Bond authored an entire op-ed crediting the use of white marble in classical art for modern day racism — claiming that its beauty is a “dangerous construct that continues to influence white supremacist ideas today.”

Bond’s piece, published on the art and culture website Hyperallergic, asserts that “the equation of white marble with beauty is not an inherent truth of the universe. Where this standard came from and how it continues to influence white supremacist ideas today are often ignored.”

According to Bond, the fact that many of the most prominent classical statues and sarcophagi are made with white marble creates a “false idea of homogeneity.” She asserts that while the Romans did not describe themselves as “white,” the popularity of white statues is what eventually lead to humans ranking those with lighter skin tones as more desirable.

As no liberal op-ed would be complete without comparing someone or something to Nazis, Bond made sure to do just that.

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Discussing the white marble Roman Apollo of the Belvedere, Bond notes that Dutch anatomist Pieter Camper has used measurements of the statues features, such as the lines running from the nose to the ear and the forehead to the jawbone, to find the formula for perfect beauty. This, according to Bond, is also racist.

“Those ratios were later used by others to create the racist ‘cephalic index,’ which categorized humans based on the width and length of their facial features. The Nazis drew on the index to support notions of Aryan superiority in Germany during the Third Reich,” the professor wrote.

To solve this problem of perceived ancient racism in history, Bond wrote that she doesn’t recommend going and painting the statues — but would like to see “3D reconstructions alongside originals,” essentially rewriting history. She also suggested that museums alter the displays of these historic works of art by using “computerized light projections” to virtually change them.

“It may have taken just one classical statue to influence the false construction of race, but it will take many of us to tear it down. We have the power to return color to the ancient world, but it has to start with us,” the professor wrote.

In a comment to Campus Reform, Bond stated that “the point is simply that Greeks and Romans actually added color to their art and thus white marble was often the canvas rather than the finished product. The exalting of white (and unpainted) marble was then an 18th century construct of beauty rather than representative of the classical view.”

A commentator on Bond’s article, using only the name “Michael,” pointed out that Bond’s call for changing the presentation of historic artifacts “is projecting the concerns of the present onto the distant past, which I thought was a big fallacy which every historian is supposed to avoid. If the classical world didn’t have our notions of “white people” and racism, they also didn’t have our modern notions of anti-racism, multi-culturalism, and diversity as a value.”

In George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, the Ministry of Truth also rewrote history. The author wrote that this Marxist tactic is essentially a form of mind control being used by Big Brother to control the population’s perception of reality.

“History is constantly rewritten to suit the current goals of the Party. Only the destruction of human memory will make it possible. Hence the Ministry of Truth (Minitru) modifies history perpetually to the tune of the ideals of the Party,” Orwell wrote.

Cassandra Fairbanks is a senior reporter at Big League Politics and a DC-based writer and populist political commentator who has been published in a range of outlets including Sputnik News, Teen Vogue, and the International Business Times.


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COULTER: Detained Illegals Are “Being Separated From Coyotes and Drug Mules”



Author and pundit Ann Coulter was confronted by a TMZ cameraman today, and the result was not pretty for the paparazzo.

“The biggest thing is these kids are being separated from their parents,” said the cameraman posing a lefty journalist

Coulter responded in her usual ruthless manner.

“They’re being separated from coyotes and drug mules, that has already been proven before” she said.


Coulter continued to savage her adversary.

“The parents can stay in Mexico,” she said. “You don’t get to get out of committing crimes in this country because you have a baby. I mean, why don’t we let out Bernie Madoff. His kids suffered. One committed suicide.”

The activist then brought up the First Ladies who have denounced President Donald J. Trump’s zero tolerance policy.

“Thank God First Ladies aren’t elected officials,” Coulter replied with a grin.

When asked if she thought this would be a “stain on our country’s history,” Coulter delivered her knockout blow.

“It’s going to be the END of our country’s history if we let these hordes in,” she said. “It will never, never stop.”

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WaPo Employees Beg Bezos for Raise



More than 400 employees at the Washington Post have signed an open letter to owner Jeff Bezos demanding better working conditions after more than a year of failed negotiations with upper management.

“[Dear Jeff Bezos] we workers of The Washington Post have been bargaining for a year and have little to show for it because The Post won’t meet us halfway on much of anything,” says a tweet shared by the Post Guild. “We love The Post. We know you do too. Our work has earned us more than what The Post is offering.”

According to Deadlinesignees of the letter include prominent employees like White House reporter Ashley Parker and political reporter Dave Weigel.

Bezos is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Amazon. His estimated net worth is nearly $142 billion. He bought the paper in 2013.

The left-wing culture that has engulfed the Washington Post has spilled over into the office, and come back to bite Bezos. His employees are calling on him to “share the wealth” that they claim to have created.

“All we are asking for is fairness for each and every employee who contributed to this company’s success: fair wages; fair benefits for retirement, family leave and health care; and a fair amount of job security,” the petition says.

The staff accompanied the petition with a video.


“I’m fighting for equal pay, because regardless of gender or skin color, we all deserve to be paid the same,” said a compilation of employees in the video.

The sword of social justice appears to be turning inward on the Washington Post. 

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See How This Trump Supporter Trolled De Niro At His Own Play



A little more than a week after his vulgar anti-Trump rant at the Tony Awards, actor Robert de Niro was repaid in kind at the curtain call of his version of “A Bronx Tale,” the Broadway show.

In the style coined by independent reporter Laura Loomer, a man stood up at the end of the show, rushing the stage with a “Keep America Great” flag. De Niro is the director of the show.

“The times we live in,” wrote Joe Del Vicario, who was at the show. “At the end of A Bronx Tale, a man turned around and faced the audience to show us how big of a pair he has. He was escorted shortly after. It’s sad that people can’t enjoy a beautiful show and embrace its unifying message without politicizing it.”


But politicizing shows is nothing new for the left. In November 2016, a cast member of Broadway Musical “Hamilton” lectured Vice President Mike Pence after the show. Pence was booed while exiting the theatre.


“We, sir, we are the diverse American who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us.” said a cringeworthy Brandon Victor Dixon on stage.

After the show, Dixon continued injecting his politics into Broadway.

“We really thought this was an important moment to really say something,” he said. “To get in front of an individual with whom we feel we have differences and to make sure that he hears and he sees us.”

According to the new rules set by the left, yesterday’s “A Bronx Tale” protest is simply par for the course. The protestor, after all, was just getting in front of someone with whom he disagrees, right?

No surprise that the left does not want to play by the rules it has created.

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