University of Maine Republican Group Calls for Immigration Restriction During ChinaVirus Pandemic

University of Maine College Republicans released an emergency resolution on March 25, 2020 calling for immigration restriction in light of the current Wuhan Virus pandemic.

They released this resolution with other College Republican chapters across the nation voicing their support for tougher migration restriction measures.

This America First segment of College Republicans called on President Donald Trump “to pass an indefinite moratorium on all immigration to the United States of America.”

They highlighted the gravity of the situation noting “The need for secure borders–air, land, and sea–could never be greater to prevent the disease from being reintroduced to our country.”

The College Republicans added that “Most overseas flights have been halted and tourist destinations shut down, but a porous land border combined with continued importation of refugees, guest workers, and foreign students render these policies ineffective.”

To address this problem effectively, the Maine College Republicans called on President Trump to “implement a moratorium on all immigration and re-dedicate its efforts to complete the border wall, preempting the spread of the virus.”

As a coalition of College Republicans, they are also demanding that President Trump use emergency powers to implement the following policies:

  • Stop all resettlement of unaccompanied minors claiming asylum status on the southern border;
  • Suspend the refugee resettlement program;
  • Suspend issuance of any and all new foreign student visas under the F-1 student visa program;
  • End the Optional Practical Training program allowing hundreds of thousands of F-1 foreign student visa holders to extend their stays and gain employment in the U.S. displacing U.S. workers.
  • Suspend the H-1B visa lottery for foreign tech workers from China and India who are displacing American tech workers and undercutting American STEM undergrads and grad students whose livelihoods have been upended by the Wuhan Virus pandemic;
  • Suspend the EB-5 citizenship-for-sale program that primarily benefits wealthy Chinese investors;
  • Block any “DACA deal” granting amnesty and work permits to 800,000 illegal alien “DREAMers;”
  • Tax all alien workers’ remittances (cash transfers back to their home countries which totaled more than $573 billion in 2019); and
  • Finish the southern border wall and shore up air, land, and sea assets on our northern border as well.

The other co-sponsors of this resolution were Bruin Republicans at UCLA, America First Bruins, Berkeley College Republicans, College Republicans United at Arizona State University, San Diego State University College Republicans, and Hussan University College Republicans.

Jeremiah Childs, the Vice Chairmen of the Maine Federation of College Republicans declared that the Wuhan Virus saga “has been a great wake up call for College Republicans” and serves as a reminder to why immigration is the #1 issue heading into the 2020 elections.

Childs said it “makes no sense to bring foreign workers who will likely bring the Wuhan Virus.”

For him, it only makes sense to implement stiff restrictions on migration during this pandemic and climate of economic uncertainty.

Maine has been one of the laboratories for some of the mass migration and refugee resettlement experiments the Historic American Nation is being subjected to by its globalist elites, so it’s only fitting that right-wing youth groups are revolting against these schemes.

The youth will undoubtedly play a critical role in making sure that America First principles stay alive during the Trump presidency and beyond.

The full resolution can be read here.


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