University of Texas Temporarily Freezes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policies

The University of Texas recently paused its new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies on all campuses within its network across the state. This move is viewed with great surprise by many observes on the Right due to the fact that public universities and other institutions have largely embraced DEI policies and measures to promote anti-white on campus. 

At the start of February, Gardner Pate, Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s chief of staff, sent a letter to all Texas state agencies and public universities letting them know that “when a state agency adjusts its employment practices on factors other than merit, it is not following the law.”

After being subjected to increased pressure from Texas elected officials, University of Texas System Board Chair Kevin Eltife said during a board of regents meeting that he will work with lawmakers who are reviewing DEI measures while the university halts its policies.

“Given the clear legislative focus, we have paused any new DEI policies on our campuses and have asked for a report on current policies across all of our campuses. This will give our board a chance to review the various policies system wide,” stated Eltife. “We will await any action from the Legislature for implementation by the University of Texas System at the appropriate time and if needed, the board may consider a uniform DEI policy for the entire UT System.”

Emily Wilkerson of Texas Scorecard noted that “UT is also facing additional scrutiny after Richard Lowery, Ph.D., a tenured finance professor, is suing the university for violating his First Amendment rights.” Lowery claims that university administrators are using DEI requirements to harass and purge “competent” teachers and professors who are against the DEI ideology on campus.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick had previously revealed that prohibiting discriminatory DEI policies in Texas’ university is among his 30 priorities for the 2023 legislative session.

Legislative pressure clearly had an impact on UT’s decision to halt DEI program. The fact is that political force, not persuasion, is the most effective way of showing these institutions who is boss. One problem the Right has had in recent years is it’s obsession with perpetual debate and its slavish devotion to free market solutions to every problem. 

While we want to scale back the size of government, in certain instances, using state power in a prudent manner to punish enemies is 100% merited. The Right needs to start think beyond debating and start legislating once it’s in power so that it’s agenda gets fully implemented.

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