University Pennsylvania Dean Demands that Professor Amy Wax be Stripped of Tenure for Opposing Affirmative Action

University of Pennsylvania Law School Dean Theodore Ruger wants to severely punish Amy Wax for daring to speak out against affirmative action. Ruger specifically called for “major sanctions” against Wax. 

The University of Pennsylvania Law School recently requested Penn’s faculty senate to start the process of sanctioning Waxx. Some of these punitive measures include firing Wax for allegedly “intentional and incessant racist, sexist, xenophobic, and homophobic actions and statements.” 

Law school dean Ted Ruger sent a letter to Penn’s faculty senate chair on June 23 asking for the organization of a hearing board to determine Wax’s future at the university. 

Ruger blames Wax for causing “harm” towards Penn’s faculty, staff, and students. The dean asserted that Wax’s statements have caused faculty and students “to reasonably believe they will be subjected to discriminatory animus if they come into contact with her.” 

In the concluding section of Ruger’s letter, he urged the hearing board to issue a “major sanction” against Wax.

This report levied accusations against Wax that asserted her behavior is “antithetical to the University’s core mission to attract a diverse student body to an inclusive educational environment.” She was also accused of spreading false information about certain demographic groups within Penn’s student body and taking advantage of “access to students’ confidential grade information.” In 2018, Wax lost  first-year teaching duties back in 2018 after she noted that black students were “rarely” the highest academic performers in her class.

This report also claimed that Wax mischaracterized “Law School policies in ostensible support of derogatory and inaccurate statements made about the characteristics, attitudes, and abilities of her students.”  The report was also critical of her invitation of Jared Taylor, a white advocate, to serve as a guest speaker and participate in a lunch event with students. 

“I am initiating this disciplinary action because for several years and in multiple instances Wax has shown a callous and flagrant disregard for our University community — including students, faculty, and staff — who have been repeatedly subjected to Wax’s intentional and incessant racist, sexist, xenophobic, and homophobic actions and statements,” Ruger declared.

Wax has become a controversial figure for her statements regarding mass migration, which she believes could lead to the creation of a hostile overclass and a solid voting bloc for the modern-day Democratic Party, which is thoroughly globalist and hostile towards traditional American values. 

“The same academic freedom principles that permit current scholars to engage in critical and overdue analysis of this nation’s historical and structural discrimination — despite zealous efforts to censor such speech by some — also apply to faculty like Wax who voice xenophobic and white supremacist views,” Ruger initially said when dealing with the case of Wax. This approach was far more balanced and represented the way universities used to allow certain forms of controversial discourse. 

However, Ruger changed his tune following public pressure and an open letter signed by roughly 2,000 Penn law students and alumni, in addition to nearly 500 students from other prominent law schools. The open letter urged for the creation of a committee to reconsider tenure in order to be “consistent with principles of social equity.” Philadelphia City Council members and Pennsylvania state lawmakers also demanded that Wax be punished for her speech. 

It’s become abundantly clear that America’s institutions of higher learning no longer respect free speech. Wax is fortunate to have tenure. By contrast, any up-and-coming academic who holds Wax’s social and political views, would not be able to make a living in this kind of academic climate. 

That’s how the cookie crumbles in Clown World USA. 

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