UPDATE: 4Chan Has Raw Footage To Track Down Tommy Robinson’s Attackers

As we reported here at Big League Politics over the weekend, anti-radical Islam activist Tommy Robinson was attacked by an antifa mob in London. So far Police have refused to investigate the attack, because all of the attackers were masked. In response, users of the anonymous message board 4chan have been investigating the attack.

So far, they have used the footage released by Robinson to identify possible aggressors. The footage they had was limited, but now one of Robinson’s cameramen, Caolan Robertson, has released the full raw footage:


The investigation has been taking place on 4chan’s politically incorrect board, popularly known as /pol/. So far, they have referenced the masked faces of the attackers to local activists who bear similar resemblances to the attackers.


With the new footage, they may be able to find more evidence to link the suspected individuals in the attack.

We will keep you updated on any developments to this story.

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