UPDATE: California Students WALK OUT After Board Forced Masks AGAINST State Guidance

Students staging a walkout in protest of continued forced masking orders at Burlingame High School in Burlingame, California.

Americans are stepping up to the plate. High school students in Burlingame, California are tired of ongoing and incessant mandates, including a forced mask order that was recently extended by their school board in a unanimous vote of 5-0 last Thursday.

This vote comes after the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), who according to board members present in the meeting has consistently been the model that the San Mateo Union High School District has followed when setting their alleged ‘Covid-19 policies,’ recently revised their guidance to no longer recommend forcing masks on schoolchildren.

Some students of the school responded to the continued forced mask order by staging a walkout, which was reported on by the high school’s newspaper.

“Around 40 students left their classes for the Senior Quad during third and fourth periods on Monday, March 14, protesting the San Mateo Union High School District (SMUHSD) Board of Trustees’ recent decision to extend the mask mandate on all SMUHSD campuses,” wrote the school newspaper. “As of March 12, students in other districts across California were permitted to remove their masks indoors per the California Department of Public Health lifting of the indoor mask mandate. While the Board plans to reassess at their April 21 meeting, some students expressed disappointment with the verdict.”

Burlingame High School’s newspaper claimed that the students engaged in the walkout during about 2 periods of instruction before returning to the classroom after the school principal threatened to punish them with attendance violations. The story drew more traffic than usual for the school newspaper, inviting many wildly differing views.

Big League Politics was able to get in contact with students who attended the school walk-out and receive personal comments on the matter. The names of the minors will be obfuscated due to concerns of privacy.

“We want mask optional you can wear it if you want I don’t care,” commented one student who attended the walkout.

“I’m done with the mask and I want it optional. I also think it is stupid that we still have to wear these masks. All the other school districts don’t wear them anymore what makes us different?” asked another attending student.

We also received a forwarded email sent to students by the district which claimed the decision to continue the mandate was “rooted in safety for all students and staff and reflects their desire to see further improvements in community health and develop a plan for implementation before changing masking restrictions.”

“Mask Mandate Extended – Board to Reevaluate on April 21

Dear Families and Students:

Last night our Board of Trustees unanimously voted to extend the mask mandate indoors in our schools until their April 21 Board meeting when they directed staff to put this topic back on the agenda for discussion. This means students and staff will be required to continue to wear masks indoors at our school sites.

The Board’s decision was rooted in safety for all students and staff and reflects their desire to see further improvements in community health and develop a plan for implementation before changing masking restrictions. The Board also expressed concerns for the most vulnerable members of our population including those who are immunocompromised….”


The board meeting, which determined the continuation of the compulsory masking, surprisingly had begun with district Superintendent Kevin Skelly claiming that the Covid-19 pandemic is dying down before suggesting that masks be highly encouraged rather than forced from here on out. Things soon took a drastic turn; Board of Trustees President Peter Hanley made a point to emphatically disagree with Skelly’s position, eventually motioning for a vote in which the board decided to continue the compulsory measure in a unanimous vote of 5-0. Big League Politics covered that board meeting and ensuing story in-depth; more can be found by clicking here.

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