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Urban Uprising: Black Guns Matter Holds Political Seminar in Brooklyn



Urban America is experiencing a political shake-up.

This past weekend, gun rights group Black Guns Matter hosted the event Resurrection: Breaking Bread W/ The Gods in Brooklyn, New York.

This event featured some of the most contrarian thought leaders in urban America.

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The speaker line-up included Hotep Doobs (Founder of Lola & Doe body care company), Bryan Sharpe aka Hotep Jesus (Marketing Advisor for Gifitize and Founder of Coinbits) and Maj Toure (Founder of Black Guns Matter).

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The theme of this event was firearms, freedom, and finances.

Resurrection was capped off by Hotep Doobs who gave a talk on personal finance. Hotep Doobs believes that the African American community has lost its way when it comes to its financial health. Since the arrival of the welfare state, he argues that blacks have either relied more on the government or dubious spending habits just to get by.

The result of these bad financial habits has been a government-dependent and financially-shackled populace.

Nevertheless, Doobs believes that this trend can be reversed.

He stressed the importance of “disciplining your dollars” and creating wealth-building habits such as investing, saving, and building businesses and side hustles.

Hotep Jesus was the next to take the mic.

The internet marketer gained notoriety for his viral YouTube video asking for his free reparations coffee at Starbucks. Since then, he has been involved politically preaching a capitalist message on YouTube and his email list.

His talk weaved marketing and politics together, showing how fear-mongering is integral to both marketing and politics.

Based on his 20 years of marketing experience and observing the current political climate, the Internet marketer believes that stoking fear into the public is how politicians get elected.

BLP writer José Niño with YouTubers Hotep Jesus and Uncle Hotep.

He specifically singled out the example of Andrew Yang and his Universal Basic Income (UBI) program.

Yang sells his UBI scheme as the “solution” to the inevitable rise of AI and robots supposedly taking jobs.

However, Hotep Jesus pointed out how similar arguments were used by the Luddites during the Industrial Revolution. Luddites feared that machinery would destroy a bunch of jobs and leave people permanently unemployed. In fact, the opposite occurred. New employment opportunities came about because of the new fields of work that industrialization created.

In Hotep Jesus’s view, socialists “create problems that don’t exist yet.”

Last up was Maj Toure, the founder of Black Guns Matter.

Toure declared that the state of New York, the state the seminar took place in, is a “slave state” because of its strict regulations on gun ownership.

Toure views the right to self-defense as a foundational freedom.

The gun rights activist described laws as “opinions with guns” and sees all gun control laws as an infringement on the right to self-defense.

By the end of the seminar, Toure called on the attendees to turn the information they learned “into political power.” Inspired by his words, a number of attendees signed up and donated money to the Black Guns Matter organization.

A few days after the event, Toure left a cryptic tweet insinuating a potential run for office in the city of Philadelphia.

It remains to be seen whether Toure will run for office. However, there appears to be a political awakening brewing in urban America.



The White House Walks Back From DACA Deal…. For Now



Emerald Robinson, the Newsmax White House Correspondent, reported that White House advisor Jared Kushner is holding meetings on a potential DACA amnesty deal.

She tweeted, “BREAKING: sources confirm that White House advisor Jared Kushner has been holding meetings on DACA amnesty deal – with a goal of getting it done before the 2020 election.”

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RIOTS: Who do you blame for the violence on America's streets?

  • RIOTS: Who do you blame for the violence on America's streets?

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For many America First activists, Kushner has played a subversive role in the Trump administration by recommending milquetoast policies that maintain the open border status quo and are soft on crime.

Many speculate that Kushner is largely the individual who is advising President Trump to take a soft approach against the looters rampaging across the country.

Now there are reports that the White House is backing away from this DACA deal per a report from Breitbart News.

However, grassroots immigration patriots such as Maria Espinoza, the co-founder of the Remembrance Project, had choice words for this rumored move by Jared Kushner.

She told BLP:

Donald Trump’s promise to The Remembrance Project’s angel moms, dads, and angel families of ‘Stolen Lives’ was to deport illegal aliens and keep American families safe. No family should suffer the killing of their loved one at the hands of an individual who should not have been in our country in the first place.

Any talks taking place should be about keeping us safe so that our families, businesses and communities can thrive.  It’s heartless for Kushner to even hold talks of amnesty.

Espinoza added:

Kushner, an unelected individual, certainly should not negotiate to keep illegal aliens in our country!  Illegals, by the way who have shown no regard for our laws, and have had ample time to become legal continue to snub our law.
A Kushner Amnesty for illegal alien DACA recipients will ensure that millions of Americans will stay home in November, which will quash President Trump’s re-election.

DACA refers to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a United States immigration policy where some illegal aliens who were brought to the country as children in order to obtain a renewable two-period of deferred action from deportation and receive eligibility for work permits in the U.S.

Back in 2014, President Barack Obama revealed his intention to broaden DACA provisions to cover even more illegal alien immigrants.

This is in contrast to the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act. Under the DREAM Act, illegal aliens would be granted temporary conditional residency that includes the right to work if they were brought to the United States as minors. If they meet additional qualifications, they would be able to receive permanent residency.

Although these kinds of proposals are different, they’re all a part of a mass migration agenda designed to undermine the Historic American Nation.

Kushner and his ilk believe that offering reasonable compromises will somehow placate the Left.

In reality, such compromises will only further embolden them, given the fact that the voting patterns of these groups overwhelmingly favor the political Left and its many pet projects such as the destruction of the right to bear arms.

Although the DACA threat may be contained for now, as long as Open Borders Inc and its many factions continue operating, there will always be a looming threat of legal migration expansion, amnesty, or backdoor amnesties.

This is why it’s so important that America First patriots score major victories in all branches of government.

The time to engage in political discourse is over. Now, we must force politicians to go on record via roll call votes. From there, we’ll know who’s America First or America Last.

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