US Authorities Warn Israel About Conducting Full-Fledged Southern Offensive in Gaza

United States President Joe Biden and other leading US officials have issued warnings to Israel about its planned offensive in southern Gaza.

Namely, American authorities have urged Israel to avoid the type of mass internal displacement caused by its brutal bombing campaign of the north. Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged for the protection of Gazan civilians and called for additional aid to be supplied to the Gaza Strip during a recent visit to Israel, the West Bank, and the United Arab Emirates per a senior state department official. US officials recognized that Israel is resuming its campaign to eliminate Hamas after the temporary pause in fighting, but indicated they informed Israel authorities that they must not exacerbate the humanitarian crisis once its army descends upon southern Gaza. 

Palestinian authorities claim that over 14,800 people in Gaza, predominantly women and children, have been killed since Israel kicked off its military response to Hamas’s attack on October 7. Israel’s bombing campaign has largely targeted northern Gaza, where the IDF has laid waste to thousands of buildings. Over 1.7 million people in Gaza, or roughly 80% of the population, are currently projected to have been internally displaced since the war kicked off, per a UN report. US officials have warned on a previous occasion about the mounting death toll in Gaza, with Blinken declaring in early November that “far too many Palestinians have been killed.” 

There has been growing dissent within the Biden regime on what to do with Israel. The Democratic Party’s changing political base, which has grown more sympathetic to the Palestinian people, has now made it difficult for Democrat leaders such as Joe Biden to unconditionally support Israel’s increasingly fanatic government. 

These contradictions could fundamentally alter the US’s relationship with Israel. Hopefully, cooler heads prevail and the US totally recalibrates its relation with Israel — an otherwise parasitic nation that is likely going to enter a period of widespread political instability in the years to come.

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