US Government Wants China Spill the Beans On Its Economic Conditions

On August 22, 2023, United States national security adviser Jake Sullivan pushed the Chinese government to be more transparent about its economic conditions during a time when China is putting up with an economic slowdown that could destabilize the world economy. 

Last week, the Chinese government stopped publishing data on its rising youth unemployment, which many speculate is due to concerns that it would expose new weakness in the recovery of its economy. It has also clamped down on corporate due diligence reporting throughout the country. “These are not in our view responsible steps,” Sullivan said to reporters on August 22. “For global confidence, predictability and the capacity of the rest of the world to make sound economic decisions, it’s important for China to maintain a level of transparency in the publication of its data.” 

Sullivan continued by noting that the Biden regime had in the last few months witnessed a “reduction in the level of transparency and openness with respect to recording basic things” in addition to a crackdown on companies that offer “basic information to the world on the puts and takes in the Chinese economy”.

Economic tensions between China and the United States have been mounting over the last few months. Earlier in August, President Joe Biden signed an executive order prohibiting several  

outbound American investment in the Chinese technology sector. The Biden regime has taken gradual efforts to end the dependence on Chinese supply chains as part of the US’s new re-industrialisation and economic campaign. 

While these steps are solid, there needs to be tougher America First measures implemented to ensure that China’s influence on the US is fully restrained. Namely, full-blown economic nationalism i.e fully economic decoupling from China and restricting immigration from China. 

These are the most effective means of containing China’s rise without having to go to war with it.

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