US Intelligence Report Claims China Provided Military Aid To Russia in the Conflict in Ukraine

According to a report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Chinese technology is supporting Russia’s current war in Ukraine and helping Russia avoid international sanctions.

The report alleges that China is likely supplying Russia with military and dual-use technology for use in the battlefield in Ukraine.

“[China] is providing some dual-use technology that Moscow’s military uses to continue the war in Ukraine, despite an international cordon of sanctions and export controls,” the report stated.

“The customs records show [China’s] state-owned defense companies shipping navigation equipment, jamming technology, and fighter jet parts to sanctioned Russian Government-owned defense companies.”

Chinese authorities have routinely denied the deployment of any military supplies to Russia. 

The two Eurasian nuclear powers have promised to maintain a strategic partnership on military and economic affairs.

The tightening alliance between China and Russia has made Western leaders worried about the nature of this partnership since Russian President Vladimir Putin first announced the alliance on February 4, 2022.

Since Russia launched its military incursion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, China hasn’t jumped on the international sanctions bandwagon against Russia.

Despite the Chinese authorities’ assertions about sticking to no- interference in Ukraine, several reports have hinted that China could be funneling military aid to Russia via proxies in the Middle East.

Per a February report published by German media outlet Der Spiegel, China allegedly falsified shipping documents to conceal military aviation equipment heading to Russia as civilian in nature. It allegedly used intermediaries in the United Arab Emirates to send dual-use drones to Russia.

In a similar vein, the United States government has acknowledged that Chinese companies have directly backed Russia’s war in Ukraine and imposed sanctions on Chinese entities allegedly propping up Russia’s defense industry. However, US authorities have not gone as far as to say that this support is the equivalent of state-sponsored military aid.

The new ODNI report expands on those claims by stating that China has become “an even more critical partner” to Russia throughout the war in Ukraine.

In addition, the report  stated that China and Russia are amplifying the share of bilateral trade between them that is settled in China’s yuan, strengthening it against the dollar, and China is increasing its importation of Russian energy products, which includes oil and gas that it usually reroutes from Europe.

The Biden regime has repeatedly voiced concerns about China delivering military to Russia to aid it in its fight against Ukraine, and is rumored to have considered declassifying and disseminating intelligence about the matter.

US officials have previously raised concerns about the deployment of “dual-use equipment” from China to Russia. That said, the Biden regime has repeatedly conceded that it has yet to see evidence of military aid being  sent to Russia for it to use on the battlefield.

As mentioned before, Chinese companies have been sanctioned for their role in providing Russia military aid. However, the Chinese state has not been directly condemned by the Americans.

However, this policy may end as the new ODNI report suggested that Chinese state-owned companies are directly involved in supplying Russia with fighter jet parts and military navigation technologies.

According to the report, Russian export data and Ukrainian military leadership can confirm the prevalence of Chinese technologies being sent to Russia and subsequently used in Ukraine.

“[China’s] state-owned defense companies have shipped navigation equipment, parts for fighter jets, and other dual-use technology to Russian defense companies, according to Russian customs data,” the ODNI report stated.

Ukrainian authorities have claimed to have increasingly discovered Chinese components in weapons used by Russian forces. 

Whether or not these claims are true about China supplying Russia with weaponry is beside the point. The China-Russia alliance is here to stay. It’s largely the product of the US’s universalist foreign policy that has pushed China and Russia together. This alliance will only strengthen as the US’s foreign policy grows more insane over time, which will prompt Eurasian countries to pact together and form rival political blocs. 

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