US Jewish Organization Calls on Community to Lobby Elected Officials for Pro-Israel Democracy Resolution

The Jewish Community Relations Council Bay Area called on the surrounding community to push Congress to back the resolution celebrating Israel’s pro-democracy protest movement and criticizing the Netanyahu coalition’s judicial reform.

In a letter sent out to supporters, JCRC Bay Area proclaimed that House Concurrent Resolution 61 “an affirmation of U.S. support for a strong and democratic Israel and opposes actions that undermine its future as a Jewish and democratic State.”

The letter to elected officials stressed the importance of the bipartisan US-Israel relationship, while also “sharing our alarm over recent efforts by Israel’s governing coalition to weaken the judiciary and separation of powers.”

The local JCRC continued by noting that these efforts are “having a negative impact on the cohesion of Israeli society, and there are early signs they are undermining its national security and military readiness.”

The number of co-sponsors for the House resolution has increased significantly  since its introduction over the past summer, showcasing the well-established and growing discontent within the Democratic Party about the right-wing coalition government’s judicial reforms.

8 of the resolution’s co-sponsors are from the Bay Area which includes California Congressman Ro Khanna who admonished Israeli President Isaac Herzog about the reform’s impact on Silicon Valley and future investment opportunities.

The organization previously urged the Netanyahu regime to withdraw its support for the judicial reforms, which abolished the Israeli High Court’s power to reverse government decisions it determined to be unreasonable, before its final passage.

Ultimately, it should be none of the US’s business what’s taking place inside of Israel. Moreover, the US should not be supplying it with military aid nor try to entangle itself in a military alliance with Israel, which could strain US military resources.

There’s zero need for the US to stick its nose in another country’s internal affairs.

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