US Marshals Arrest Suspect in Murder Of Fort Hood Army Soldier, Two of His Associates

The US Marshals have arrested a criminal suspect for his alleged involvement in the murder of a U.S. Army soldier stationed at Fort Hood and two individuals who appear to have been his associates.

Barnard Morrow was arrested in Newton, Mississippi on Friday. Authorities are alleging that he fled Kileen, Texas, just six miles away from Fort Hood, after murdering Army Specialist Freddy Delacruz Jr, and two of his friends, Shaquan Allred and Asia Cline, in March.

Morrow had been identified as a suspect in the murder of Delacruz, Allred and Cline on August 20th. The bodies of the three individuals were found at an apartment complex in the city after neighbors called 911 to report a flurry of gunshots in the vicinity.

Morrow was booked into the Lauerdale County Jail after being charged with capital murder of multiple persons, and Bell County, Texas officials are currently working to secure his extradition to the state for trial on the murders of Delacruz, Allred, and Cline.

Delacruz is one of several service members stationed at the Texas Army base to die under highly suspicious circumstances in recent months, with at least three other soldiers having been found dead in the vicinity of the base in just over a year. Eight soldiers in total have died while stationed at the facility this year, with five deaths being linked to suspicious circumstances.

Sgt. Elder Fernandes, PFC Venessa Guillen, and PFC Gregory Morales were found dead in suspicious circumstances, with one suspect in the murder of Guillen- who reportedly engaged in constant sexual harassment of his subordinate soldier- having committed suicide himself to avoid arrest. Facility watchdogs have pointed to an institutional culture of sexual harassment and abuse of power as having deadly consequences.

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