US Population Grows to 333 Million in 2022 Due to Mass Legal Immigration

Currently, the United States population is around 333 million. John Binder of Breitbart News argued that this growth in the US’s population is largely driven “as a result of the nation’s decades-long mass legal immigration policy.”

The US Census Bureau recently revealed that in 2022 the US population reached roughly 333.3 million residents which represents a 0.4% increase compared to 2021.

The bulk of population growth that took place in 2022, north of 80%, stems from the US’s legal immigration policy that imports 1 million foreign nationals to the US annually on green cards. By attaining a green card, a foreign national could potentially sponsor an unlimited number of foreign family members for green cards through the notorious chain migration process. Binder noted that this process is “responsible for bringing more than seven-in-ten legal immigrants to the U.S. annually.”

According to research carried out in 2021, the US’s foreign-born population is estimated to reach a record of approximately 70 million by 2060 if the present level of legal immigration is not lowered. The present  foreign-born population of 48 million is the largest recorded number of immigrants residing in the US in the country’s nearly 250-year history. 

Any serious patriotic immigration reform package consists of restricting both legal and illegal immigration. Both of these mass movements of people will lead to the demographic transformation of America, which will allow for the managerial class to maintain political hegemony for decades to come. Future generations will pay a massive price if elected officials do not decisively act on such an existential question. 


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