US State Department Spokesman: Iran and Russia Have Entered “Full-Fledged Defense Partnership”

Ned Price, the spokesman for The United States State Department, recently declared that relations between Iran and Russia have transformed into a  “full fledged defense partnership.”

The State Department spokesperson observed that Iran has allegedly kept sending its drones to the Russian military. According to several defense experts, the drones have continued attacking Ukrainian cities, focusing on strikes directed towards the country’s energy infrastructure.

These drone strikes have caused massive power outages across the country and have compelled Ukrainian authorities to conduct emergency blackouts. 

Price noted that Iran’s steady supply of drones and other arms has resulted in Russia returning the favor by providing an “unprecedented level of military and technical support to Iran.” He believes that this development should worry Iran’s neighbors.

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge observed that the US and UK have dialed up their sanctions to stymie Iran’s defense sector and impede drone transfers. To the dismay of the geopolitical tinkerers in DC and London, it seems that the sanctions push has drawn Russia and Iran closer together, thereby keeping Iran’s military-industrial complex prosperous. 

Estimates point to hundreds of drones, and potentially thousands over the course of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine that started on February 24, 2022. In the first stage of the conflict, Russian and Iranian authorities have denied the drone transfers. That said, Iranian officials have lately admitted to selling drones to Russia prior to Russia’s military incursion on February 24.    

On December 19, Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian repeated the Islamic Republic’s talking point that all Iranian-manufactured drones were sent to Russia “before the Ukraine war began.”

Whatever the nature of these drone transfers is, it’s undeniable that Russo-Iranian relations have grown tighter. It’s quite logical when we look at the bigger picture. For one, both countries share a common enemy in the United States which tries to interfere in the internal politics of both countries. In addition, the US is gradually encircling both countries with military assets and regional alliance networks that seek to contain them. 

Naturally, Iran and Russia are going to forge alliances in response to the US’s geopolitical encroachments. This dynamic will become more apparent as the US tries to contain China as well, which will create all the incentives for the formation of a China-Iran-Russia axis to balance against Collective West geopolitical encroachments. 

That’s how the geopolitical arena will shape out in the 21st century and there are large numbers of international relations “experts” in the West who haven’t come to grips with this new reality of international affairs.

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