USA Today Editor Fired After Falsely Blaming “Angry White Man” For Boulder Shooting

A “race and inclusion” editor of USA Today has been fired from the publication in the aftermath of a tweet in which she falsely blamed an “angry white man” for the mass shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado earlier this week.

The shooter responsible for ten deaths at the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder was in actuality a Syrian immigrant who had raged against Donald Trump’s America First refugee and immigration policy on Facebook. Jhaveri had written him off as an “angry white man” on the basis of a blurry photo of his arrest.

Jhaveri revealed that she had been fired from USA Today in a Medium post on Friday.

In an ironic twist, Jhaveri had been employed as a “race and inclusion” editor at the publication, with her own internalized prejudice against white men effectively preventing her from performing the duties of her own job.

Jhaveri claimed to be the victim of “constant micro-aggressions and outright racist remarks from the majority white staff” of USA Today in her Medium post.

Discussion of the King Soopers shooting largely dissipated when the identity of the gunman became widely known. One hero killed in the shooting was a supporter of the National Association for Gun Rights, with Denny Stong’s friends emphasizing he would’ve opposed attempts to turn the tragedy into a political prop for gun control.

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