USUAL SUSPECTS: Never Trump Neocons Trash Trump/Kim Summit

The usual suspects strike again!

Finding every way to possible to derail President Trump’s presidency, the Never Trump gang is having a field day with Trump’s historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

Trump could be on the verge of defusing an unnecessary conflict with the rogue nation, but the Never Trumpers aren’t having it. This crowd is turning to its usual schtick of digging up anything negative to throw at Trump and discredit his efforts to bring sanity to U.S. foreign policy.

Lindsey Graham, a seasoned member of the political establishment who has never seen a foreign military intervention he didn’t like, went on ABC’s This Week to promote his interventionist alternative to Trump’s tough diplomacy.

Senator Rand Paul rightfully took Senator Lindsey Graham to task for drafting an authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) in North Korea in the case that Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-Un goes down in flames.

Paul said, “Lindsey Graham is a danger to the country by even proposing ideas like authorizing war with Korea, my goodness.”

With a country that is already $20 trillion in debt, entertaining any form of military adventure is the height of insanity.

But the Never Trumping did not stop there.

Ben Shapiro, one of the most reliable Never Trumpers, pulled the Hitler Card without hesitation:

In neocon land, every authoritarian leader is on the verge of becoming the next Hitler. Thus, we must use military force to remove them from power, destabilization be damned.

Senator Marco Rubio thought he could get slick by taking shots at Kim Jong Un:

Kim Jong Un may be an authoritarian tyrant, but Trump’s 50+ years of negotiating cannot be underestimated, especially when he’s up against a relatively young and inexperienced leader.

Last but certainly not least, Bill Kristol showed his fanatical Never Trump colors:

Throughout the 2016 election cycle and even to the present, Bill Kristol has been wrong about every aspect of Donald Trump’s presidency. This is par course for all political analysis coming out of the Swamp these days.

The pundit class can doubt Trump as much as they want, but Trump is no Bill Clinton, George Bush, or Barack Obama. Trump is one of the greatest salesmen and negotiators in recent memory. For far too long, DC has been filled with virtue signalers and resume padders that produce very little results as far as public policy is concerned.

The naysayers that claim Trump hasn’t accomplished much in his negotiations with Kim Jong-Un overlook North Korea’s release of 3 hostages and its willingness to dismantle a nuclear site.

Trump is at least walking into this meeting with some preconditions being met.

Time will tell if lasting peace in the Korean peninsula will be achieved, but Donald Trump has a proven track record of pulling off the unthinkable.

Instead of constantly wishing the worst for these negotiations, let’s at least hope for cooler heads to prevail.

We are at a critical juncture where one of final communist regimes in history could finally fall peacefully.

Let’s not make all of Trump’s efforts to get this far at the negotiating table go to waste.


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