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UT Austin Professor Under the Microscope for Pushing Sexual Deviancy Under the Guise of “Scholarship”



After receiving fierce criticism and being stalked by students and other members of the community, University of Texas at Austin classics professor Thomas Hubbard is defending his scholarly work on sexual consent laws and pederasty. He is specifically defending his views on sexual activities between men and boys.

Hubbard has received pushback in recent news coverage and editorial columns for his efforts to teach and normalize pederasty, which is often portrayed in ancient Greek art and literature. Pederastic relationships between men and boys were a feature of numerous cultures in Ancient Greece.

The UT professor previously wrote that “contemporary American legislation premised on children’s incapacity to ‘consent’ to sexual relations stems from outmoded gender constructions and ideological preoccupations of the late Victorian and Progressive Era.” He also contended that “pederastic intimacy” once served as a “socialism mechanism” for dealing with boys growing up without fathers.

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Following sustained criticism and targeted stalking behavior from students and other members of the community, University of Texas at Austin classics professor Thomas Hubbard is defending himself and his scholarship regarding sexual consent laws and pederasty, or sex between men and boys.

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Hubbard told The College Fix, Hubbard that there is nothing nefarious about his research.

“I have never said anything more radical than that we should consider moving in the direction of what most European states do, which is to maintain an age of consent of 14 or 15 with special protections against prostitution of those under 18 or involvement with an adult who is in a position of trust (family members, teachers, therapists, clergy),” he stated.

Hubbard has been subject to pressure from activist on the UT campus. The student group known as “Fire The Abusers” has been leading efforts against him. The group called out Hubbard on their Instagram page, and accused of him of being “guilty” of publishing works arguing that  “statutory rape and age of consent laws are burdens,” trying to lower the age of consent, and “being celebrated in online communities for pedophilia views.”

A video recently posted on the group’s Instagram page shows masked activists pounding on Hubbard’s door and windows at his home, yelling “Thomas Hubbard you can’t hide / pedophile come outside!” The video also showed the police escorting Hubbard out of his house, with the protesters yelling: “Who protects pedophiles? Pigs do, pigs do!”

The blog Incendiary News asserted that, in a course titled “Mythologies of Rape,” Hubbard had students write about their experiences with sexual assault and “made them argue whether or not it is actually rape under Texas penal code.” One student even claimed that Hubbard had his students “write a paper over [sic] lowering the age of consent and lowering the punishment for sexually assaulting a child under the age of 6.”

In a public Google doc that attempted to set the record straight on his scholarship, Hubbard denied the accusation that he had students write about their personal sexual assault experiences. “Students were given a paper topic that asked them to evaluate the legal status of two hypothetical scenarios, and how they would have advised the parties if they had been actual friends. Students were given the option of discussing a real case about which they had knowledge, with names changed to conceal identities,” he said.

Hubbard told The College Fix that his age-of-consent arguments are based on other parts of academic scholarship.

“I have…proposed that we might consider a different age of consent for males and females, since the most definitive and never refuted meta-analysis of the psychological effects of teen sexuality with older partners…shows that most college-age males do not regard their teen experiences as harmful, whereas most females regret them,” Hubbard wrote.

The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBA), a pro-pedophilia and pro-pederasty organization, has a track record of praising scholarship that is closely associated to Hubbard’s works. In 2000, Wallace Hamilton Press—a publishing company that NAMBLA runs—published “Greek Love Reconsidered,” a collection of essays that examines the history of ancient Greek homosexuality and features the works of other classics scholars. Hubbard was an editor of the publication, which had an essay written by him titled “Pederasty and Democracy: The Marginalization of a Social Practice.”

In his Google doc, Hubbard admitted that NAMBLA “distributed part of the print run [of the essay collection] to its members.” He stated that he does not “endorse NAMBLA’s idiosyncratic approach to legal reform,” nor does he “share the sexual orientation of its members.” He claimed the essays in that collection “offered accurate, non-romanticized historical understanding of Greek attitudes” toward adolescent sex.

Hubbard has received praise in pro-pedophilia circles. A post published on the website BoyChat, a pro-pedophile message board, described him as “a great man — fearless on speaking out against today’s phobic persecution of boylove.”

The classics professor believes that UT continues to have him on board due to his vast knowledge of Greco-Roman sexuality and his extensive scholarship on Ancient Greece.

“In addition to teaching for 40+ years, I am author or editor of seven books and about 100 scholarly articles, and have received numerous external grants to support my research, including most recently from the prestigious John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. I am considered one of the world’s foremost experts on ancient Greco-Roman sexuality, and have been invited to author numerous encyclopedia articles on the subject and to lecture at some of the world’s most distinguished universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, and numerous others on four continents,” he wrote on his Google doc.

Hubbard still stands strongly behind the conclusions he has made drawn in his work. “To my accusers, pointing such things out means that I am ‘promoting pedophilia’ and I must be a pedophile myself. For the record, I am not one and have never in my life been intimate with anyone under 18,” he told The Fix.

UT-Austin spokesperson Shilpa Bakre chimed in on this controversy. She stated in an email correspondence with The College Fix that “the study of controversial and even offensive ideas is protected by academic freedom and the First Amendment — as is the right of others to strongly disagree with and draw attention to those ideas.”

“If someone is alleged to violate university policy or takes actions that threaten the safety of the campus community, the university will respond swiftly, investigating allegations thoroughly and imposing sanctions as warranted,” Bakre stated.

Bakre also highlighted that “the incidents directed at Professor Hubbard are unacceptable. He received threats of physical harm and had his home vandalized. Students have the right to contest specific ideas, but threatening anyone’s safety violates the law and university standards of conduct. UTPD is concerned by these threats and actions against our faculty members and continues to work to protect them from harm.”


Betrayal? President Trump Flirts with DACA Amnesty



On July 10, 2020, President Trump announced that he would sign “a very major immigration bill” in the next month or so.

This bill would create a “road to citizenship” to approximately 800,000 illegal aliens who are under the umbrella of President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

In an interview with Telemundo on July 10, Trump said he is crafting an amnesty plan that would allow hundreds of thousands of DACA illegal aliens to stay permanently in the U.S. and eventually receive American citizenship.

Trump said that DACA proposal would be revealed “over the next four weeks.” The president continued:

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I’m going to do a big executive order. I have the power to do it as president. And I’m going to make DACA a part of it. But we put it in and we’re probably then going to be taking it out. We’re working out the legal complexities right now, but I’m going to be signing a very major immigration bill as an executive order. I’m going to make DACA a part of it.

Trump added:

No, what I’m going to do is that they’re going to [be] part of a much bigger bill on immigration. It’s going to be a very big bill, a very good bill, and merit-based bill, and it will include DACA, and I think people are going to be very happy.

In the meantime, we’ll put it in, we’ll take it out… I think people are going to be very happy with it, but one of the aspects of the bill, which frankly, nobody knows about until right now because I told no other report[ers], so you have breaking news. Congratulations. But one of the aspects of the bill is going to be DACA. We’re going to have a road to citizenship.

Trump stated that the recent series of Supreme Court rulings have granted him “tremendous powers” over immigration:

If you look at the Supreme Court ruling, they gave the president tremendous powers when they said that you could take in, in this case, 700,000 or so people, so they gave powers. Based on the powers that they gave, I’m going to be doing an immigration bill. One of the aspects of the bill that you will be very happy with, and that a lot of people will be, including me and a lot of Republicans, by the way, will be DACA. It gives them a road to citizenship.

Trump’s comments came following the Supreme Court’s ruling from last month that the Trump administration cannot end Obama’s DACA program and would have to go through another set of paperwork to do so. Trump said he would quickly refile the paperwork to kill DACA at that point in time.

Trump criticized House and Senate Democrats for not cooperating with him on DACA amnesty legislation. He said:

I’m taking care of DACA. I had a deal with the Democrats and they broke the deal. The DACA could have been taken care of two years ago, but the Democrats broke the deal. All of a sudden they just broke it for no reason. Actually, they had a court case that slightly went their way, and they said, ‘Oh, let’s not talk about the deal anymore.’ You remember that. We talked about it.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere revealed that the president is crafting an executive order related to immigration.

As the President announced today, he is working on an executive order to establish a merit-based immigration system to further protect U.S. workers,” Deere commented.

“Furthermore, the President has long said he is willing to work with Congress on a negotiated legislative solution to DACA, one that could include citizenship, along with strong border security and permanent merit-based reforms. This does not include amnesty,” Deere added. “Unfortunately, Democrats have continually refused these offers as they are opposed to anything other than totally open borders.

John Binder of Breitbart News highlighted some of the implications of a DACA amnesty:

A DACA amnesty would put more citizen children of illegal aliens — known as “anchor babies” — on federal welfare, as Breitbart News reported, while American taxpayers would be left potentially with a $26 billion bill.

He added:

Additionally, about one-in-five DACA illegal aliens, after an amnesty, would end up on food stamps, while at least one-in-seven would go on Medicaid.

Binder concluded:

Any plan to give amnesty to DACA illegal aliens that does not also include provisions to halve legal immigration levels — the U.S. admits about 1.2 million legal immigrants a year at the expense of America’s working and middle class — would give amnestied illegal aliens the opportunity to bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the country.

Trump’s remarks were met with pushback from legislators such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who believe that Trump’s decision was unconstitutional

“There is ZERO constitutional authority for a President to create a ‘road to citizenship’ by executive fiat,” Cruz tweeted. “It was unconstitutional when Obama issued executive amnesty, and it would be a HUGE mistake if Trump tries to illegally expand amnesty.”

The political implications of such an amnesty could be massive.

Based on migrant voting patterns, a number of traditional American freedoms such as the Second Amendment and free speech are potentially in danger if these trends continue in motion.

Trump must reject DACA and actually implement immigration restriction policies such as ending birthright citizenship, ending chain migration, fully funding the border wall, and implementing an immigration moratorium.

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