Utah GOP Trashes Mitt Romney for His Spineless Vote to Convict Trump

The impeachment saga has officially come to an end now that the Senate acquitted President Donald Trump on both articles of impeachment.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney was the only Republican to break the ranks by voting to convict Trump.

Given Romney’s establishment track record, this was to be expected.

The Utah GOP expressed its relief with President Trump’s acquittal and did not hesitate to call out Romney for his misguided vote:

“The Utah Republican Party is pleased to see President Trump completely acquitted by the United States Senate.  We appreciate the service rendered to our state by Utah’s two senators.  As a party, we strongly disagree with the vote cast today by Senator Romney.”

This response was more reasonable than conservative gatekeeper Erick Erickson’s take on the Romney vote.

Erickson tweeted, “Mitt Romney is not trying to placate the media nor does he hate Trump. He’s doing what he thinks is right. I disagree with him. The people of Utah probably agree with him. He’s a good man of high character — frankly of better character than many of those who’ll assail him.”

In the Trump era, Romney has been a massive Never Trumper.

It was the height of foolishness for Trump to listen to his advisers’ recommendation to endorse Romney in 2018.

A political figure who pals around with Democrats is not someone you can trust.

The very fact that Romney is consorting with globalist Democrats makes one wonder what Romney’s views are on traditional American values such as private gun ownership and free speech. Inquiring minds would like to know.

Nevertheless, this is a good start in exposing Romney.

From here on out, America First activists should be laying the groundwork for Romney’s defeat in the 2024 primaries.

Politicians like Romney must face pain for bad political behavior.

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