Utah Senator Calls for Investigation of January 6 Committee After New Release of Footage

After a recent release of video footage from January 6, Utah Senator Mike Lee demanded that the House Jan 6 Committee be investigated.

On November 17, 2023, House Speaker Mike Johnson announced that he would be disseminating all of the Capitol Hill security footage from the January 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol online for the public to see.

“When I ran for Speaker, I promised to make accessible to the American people the 44,000 hours of video from Capitol Hill security taken on January 6, 2021,” he declared in a statement acquired by Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman. “Truth and transparency are critical.”

Lee alleged in an X post that the House committee selectively ignored evidence. 

“Why didn’t Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger ever refer to any of these tapes?” Lee posted on X. “Maybe they never looked for them. Maybe they never even questioned their own narrative. Maybe they were just too busy selectively leaking the text messages of Republicans they wanted to defeat.”

Cheney replied to Lee and wrote: “Hey @BasedMikeLee – heads up. A nutball conspiracy theorist appears to be posting from your account.”

Cheney and Kinzinger were the only Republicans who participated in the original January 6 committee, as then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two of the members that then-House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy selected to serve on the committee. McCarthy subsequently went back on all of the Republican members he had initially selected.

Pelosi would proceed to select Cheney and Kinzinger to set up the January 6 panel. 

The January 6 committee served the purpose of perpetuating the false narrative of January 6 being an “insurrection” and a major assault on democracy. However, with the release of new January 6 footage, that narrative is falling apart. Republicans have stayed true to their word in releasing this footage once they took over the House back in November 2022. 

The use of prudential political power is a game changer in politics. Republicans are slowly recognizing this. Hopefully, they continue exploiting this dynamic and release additional footage to destroy this bogus narrative. The days of playing nice with the enemy are over. 

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