Utah Woman Charged for Letting Her Cat Lie in Her Own Front Yard

A Utah woman was surprised to find that local ordinance in the city of Murray made it illegal for her to let her cat lie in the front yard.

“When Kate Anderson was first approached by animal control, she thought something terrible had happened to their cat,” according to Fox13. “Then, the officer gave her a citation, carrying the weight of two misdemeanor charges, for letting her cat lie on their own lawn.”

According to the report, someone took a picture of the cat and reported it to authorities.

“That’s telling me I have to call for my court date… for my misdemeanors… of having my cat outside,” she said, looking at the citation. “This is a cat who is neutered and micro-chipped and vaccinated, and is not a menace to society.”

She was charged with “having an animal at large,” and “not having an animal license attached,” both class B misdemeanors. The city of Murray defines “at large” as any animal that is not on a leash, apparently regardless of whether that animal is on private property.

Anderson was still able to laugh at the situation, though. During her Fox13 interview, the cat was running around in the yard.

“There he is, back at the scene of the crime,” she said as the cat laid down on the lawn.

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