Various NGOs Warn Biden Regime Against Supporting Israel in a Potential Attack Against Iran

45 non-governmental organizations have called on the United States President Joe Biden to resoundingly reject comments made by American ambassador to Israel Tom Nides, where he said the US would support Israel in “whatever action” its government takes against Iran. 

The organizations penned a letter demanding that Biden “clarify that these comments do not reflect US policy towards Iran for the sake of regional stability, future diplomacy, and respect for Congress’ constitutional responsibility for war powers.”

The NGOs are worried that Israel’s increasingly right-wing government would “perceive these remarks as tacit approval for military action, even when such action most likely will damage US national security interests, further embroil our military in regional conflict, and prevent future diplomacy.”

The warning comes as Nides recently declared “Israel can and should do whatever they need to deal with [Iran] and we’ve got their back.”

The Israeli government has repeatedly threatened to launch attacks against Iranian facilities and infrastructure, asserting that Iran was on the verge of building nuclear weapons.

The NGOs also called on Biden to express “opposition to the military option known, publicly and privately,” making the case that military action by Israel would spark a broader regional war. “Publicly or even privately offering unconditional US support for unspecified military action by Israel, or any ally, sets an extremely dangerous precedent and risks further escalation,” the NGOs wrote.

“Ambassador Nides’ loose talk raises concerns that the administration may again ignore Congress’ constitutional role, and the public’s clear preference, by rushing into a conflict over which the people and their representatives have no say,” the group of NGOs continued. On top of that, they said that it is “confounding that Ambassador Nides implied that Israel’s unilateral decision-making would bind US foreign policy. The United States should never outsource its foreign policy to other states – to do so would be highly irresponsible and an abdication of the government’s responsibility to protect the American people.”

In recent weeks, the Biden regime has worked closely with Israel to carry out joint military exercises likely in preparation of a potential military strike against Iran. 

However, the game has likely changed due to Russia’s recent agreement to send Iran fighter jets and Saudi Arabia’s restoration of diplomatic relations with Iran. The latter has likely deprived Israel of its most important Arab strategic partner in trying to contain Iran. 

As a result, Israel can only rely on the US to contain Iran. 

The US is already occupied with trying to prosecute a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and is still trying to pivot to China, so any efforts to contain Iran will be placed on the backburner. That said, there are still fanatic elements of the American Deep State made up of unhinged zionists and neoconservatives who want to attack Iran. Perhaps the Biden regime will ignore these elements but one thing is certain: an America First takeover of the federal government is the only way to purge these pernicious actors. 

If politics stays the same, these nasty creatures will continue to slither around Congress and exercise undue influence on US foreign policy decision-making much to the detriment of the interests of Middle America. 

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