Vegas Shooting: FBI Says Cased Closed With No Motive After 16 Months

Vegas Shooting No Motive

After well over a year of investigating the tragic Las Vegas mass shooting in 2017 that left 58 people dead and countless more injured, the FBI concluded its investigation without a motive for shooter Stephen Paddock.

The FBI’s 16 month investigation of the Mandalay Bay shooting, in which Paddock opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle on a crowd of country music fans, concluded with no clear motive for Paddock’s killing spree. It noted that Paddock may have wanted to live up to his father’s name, become famous in death, or may have simply become “bored” with life, but identified no specific motive.

According to the FBI’s report:

The LVRP found no evidence that Paddock’s attack was motivated by any ideological or political beliefs. The LVRP concludes that Paddock’s attack was neither directed, inspired, nor enabled by ideologically-motivated persons or groups. Paddock was not seeking to further any religious,social, or political agenda through his actions.The LVRP further assesses that Paddock conspire with no one; he acted alone.

The LVRP concludes that there was no single or clear motivating factor behind Paddock’s attack. Throughout his life, Paddock went to great lengths to keep his thoughts private, and that extended to his final thinking about this mass murder. Active shooters rarely have a singular motive or reason for engaging in a mass homicide. More often their motives are a complex merging of developmental issues, interpersonal relationships, clinical issues, and contextual stressors. The LVRP assesses that in this regard, Paddock was no different.

The report also notes that Paddock wanted to die by suicide, planned the attack for over a year, and that his “decision to murder people while being entertained was consistent with his personality.”

Several pieces of information uncovered by Big League Politics journalists are not mentioned in the final report.

There is no mention of who was in Paddock’s hotel room making noise complaints while Paddock was traveling back to his home to retrieve weapons, the identities of the three female guests Paddock had in his room, or why his girlfriend, a foreign national, deleted her Facebook after the shooting but before Paddock had been identified.

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