Venezuelan Strongman Nicolás Maduro Declares that the US’s Military Dominance is Over

This past weekend Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro paid a visit to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to discuss how the two countries would increase cooperation.

Both countries have been in the crosshairs of the US Deep State as witnessed by the “maximum pressure” sanctions campaign launched against them. 

Such punitive and regime change actions have naturally created a shared sense of struggle between the two nations. 

In an interview with HispanTV, Maduro called attention to how Iran and Venezuela are leading the charge against the Globalist American Empire’s interventionist designs abroad. 

“The era of the United States’ military dominance in the world is over,” Maduro declared.

“We are living through a time of geopolitical transition that will define the destiny of the 21st century,” Maduro continued. The Venezuelan strongman was referring to the geopolitical ramifications of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, which effectively represents a proxy war between the emerging Eurasian axis vs. collective West. 

“It is a century of the decline of hegemonic power and Iran and Venezuela are on the forefront of this process.” 

It’s a new geopolitical environment out here. US policymakers will need to re-asses America’s foreign policy priorities. All this time spent abroad pouring trillions  into nation-building ventures in Afghanistan and Iraq has made the US lose sight of its backyard in the Western Hemisphere over the past few decades. 

Coupled with its aggressive military posturing towards Russia and China, the US is now witnessing unexpected blowback in the form of new balancing coalitions designed to check its overly zealous foreign ambitions. 

The US needs to go back to basics. It should pursue a policy of benign hegemony in Latin America by making it clear that it won’t tolerate great powers setting military installations in the region that threaten US security interests. At the same time, the US should focus more on trade and nearshoring with Latin American countries, as opposed to launching coups and other interventions against them. 

While the Maduro regime is unsavory, the Venezuelan leader raised a valid point about the changing state of international affairs in the 21st century. 

The US must re-adjust accordingly lest it wants to financially bleed itself to death by maintaining its overextended empire. 

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