Venezuelans Have Surpassed Mexicans as Largest Group Crossing the US Border

In an Axios article published towards the end of October, it was revealed that Venezuelan nationals have leap-frogged Mexicans as the largest nationality trying to cross the southern border without visas in September. This demonstrates a changing trend in migration patterns. 

Traditionally, Mexican nationals dominated as the #1 group trying to cross the southern border. 

Venezuela’s economic and political collapse  — a process that has taken place over the course of the last decades — has propelled many of its citizens to go northward in search of greener pastures. 

In September, roughly 67,000 Venezuelans crossed the southern border without visas. 82% of them crossed the US-Mexico border illegally. American officials recently resuscitated the deportation of Venezuelans, which marks the first time this process has been executed in years

The Biden regime also has plans of taking the unprecedented step to use foreign aid to assist the Panamanian government carry out deportations. These attempts to increase the number of Venezuela deportations came in the wake of the Biden regime’s move to broaden Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans who were in the US as of the end of July 2023. This move granted Venezuelan nationals permission to legally work and reside in the US for 18 months.

Venezuela is a dumpster fire due to its multiple decades of socialist policies. That’s not up for dispute. However, the country’s institutional collapse does not justify the concept of importing millions of Venezuelan nationals into the US. Especially, during a time when many Americans are living in a precarious socio-economic state. 

If Venezuela is to prosper, it needs its nationals to stay in their country so that they continue fighting for change and restore order in their native lands. However, bringing them into the US just gives megacorporations another potential cheap source of labor, while the US’s demographic core gets further diluted via non-white migration.

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