VERITAS: Government Accountability Officer Busted for Working Against Trump

As part of a series of undercover videos released this week exposing bad actors within the federal government, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released another segment Thursday busting a Government Accountability Office (GAO) auditor for working as part of the deep state.

“I am a government auditor, so I work for the Government Accountability Office,” said Natarajan Subramanian. “Everyone in my office who’s close to me now, not only knows that I’m a socialist, but knows that I’m in DSA.”

DSA is the Democratic Socialists of America, a group which Project Veritas’ video series has exposed this week as having several members deeply entrenched in the federal government, working against the Trump administration.

Subramanian described himself openly as a communist.

“We have a bunch of communists, like, no prefix, and that’s basically me,” he said. “We have some folks who are Trotskyists or Leninists.”

The deep state subverter readily admitted to forging government disclosure forms by failing to disclose that he is a DSA member, as have the subjects of Veritas’ pervious videos this week, like the others, and admitted to doing DSA work while on the clock.

He also told the undercover journalists that working as a part of an Executive Branch agency, he can “slow ball” government projects to make them “ineffective.” This type of behavior, too, has been a theme of Project Veritas’ releases.



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