VERITAS: Oregon Governor Exposed For Misusing Public Funds

Corruption in the Governor’s Mansion in Oregon is nothing new. Indeed, the state’s current Governor, Kate Brown, only took office when she did because her predecessor was forced to resign due to corruption charges.

So revelations of her Administration being corrupt shouldn’t be much of a surprise, and are plentiful.

A recent report from Forbes lays out the corruption charges against her.

And just today Project Veritas released a video in which an undercover journalist records one of Brown’s former campaign managers confirming the claims of corruption against her.

In the bombshell video, Michael Kolenc, who served as Brown’s campaign manager in 2016, openly discusses shady, and possibly illegal activities he observed while working for Brown.

The first major revelation is that Brown likely broke Oregon election law by having her state-funded office direct campaign activities. Kolenc alludes to the fact that Brown violated that law when her Chief of Staff got him fired.

KOLENC: “Well, yeah, the government side can’t direct the campaign side, which is what was happening.”


KOLENC: “Well, the [Governor’s] chief of staff is the one who got me fired.”

When asked about if the Governor is aware of these potential violations, Kolenc asserts that she “had to have known.”

Kolenc also divulged into corrupt actions by Brown in order to monetarily benefit herself. He talked about a “quid-pro-quo” deal with Comcast in which Brown wrote a letter in favor of a controversial merger with Time Warner Cable in return for $10,000 in campaign contributions. Kolenc mistakenly claims she received $100,000, instead of $10,000.

KOLENC: “It was something in 20– it was something earlier in her tenure, but she had written a letter for Comcast and they gave her like $100,000 check or something. And it was just like, it didn’t look good, and it shouldn’t look good. She didn’t do anything illegal, but the perception that it’s a quid-pro-quo, like I’m going to write a letter of support for something, and you’re going to write me a $100,000 check, it doesn’t look good.”

JOURNALIST: “Oh, she did that?”

KOLENC: “Yes, she absolutely did that, yeah. It was before I got there, but that type of thing, when you’re trying to appeal to working-class people that don’t have that money, they don’t understand it…”

Not only that, but Kolenc believes Brown continues to receive these kinds of contributions in return for favors, calling it “shady as f#$&” and “really discouraging.”

To watch the full Project Veritas Report click here.

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