Vermont Pro-Gun Organization is Getting Ready To Challenge New Waiting Period Law

In early June, a notable gun control package became law in Vermont. One of the most notable facets of this package was a mandatory 72-hour waiting period on firearms sales. Vermont Governor Phil Scott, a Republican, allowed the bill to become law without his signature. He wanted the courts to settle this matter. 

Vermont has traditionally been one of the most pro-gun nations in the US. It became renowned for its passage of “Vermont Carry”, where it allowed lawful citizens to carry firearms without a permit.  However, Vermont has taken a significantly anti-gun turn in the recent decade.

Had Scott vetoed this bill, it’s likely would have faced an override vote that the gun controllers would have won. Now pro-gun forces, especially those in the Vermont Federation of Sportmen’s Clubs is now stepping up to that challenge, revealed their plans to challenge the waiting period provision of the new gun control legislation in addition to the state’s prohibition on “high capacity” magazines that was signed into law in 2018.

Since the Bruen Supreme Court decision of 2022, gun organizations nationwide have been challenging gun control laws nationwide, especially enhanced background checks for adults under 21 and mandatory waiting periods. 

In the latter case, this is another example of a “right delayed is a right denied.” If we want to preserve the Second Amendment, such laws must be abolished and opposed from the jump. 

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