Vice News Labels Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and Milo As White Supremacists

In 2012, Shane Smith, the founder of Vice Media, stated that he wants “to build the next CNN with Vice.” Just months after making that statement, Smith formed Vice News, which over the years has become as dishonest as CNN.

In their latest move to attack right-wingers, Vice News has included segments staring Milo Yiannopoulos, Roger Stone, and Alex Jones in the “White Supremacy in America” section of their YouTube channel. They are displayed alongside stories on the white nationalist Richard Spencer and the neo-Nazi founder of The Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin.

There is no reasonable way to claim that the earlier three listed are white supremacists. It is especially insulting to try to link Yiannopoulos, a gay man who is married to a black man, and has Jewish heritage, to Andrew Anglin, who declared a “Holy Crusade” against him. In an article on his now deplatformed website, Anglin urged his neo-Nazi supporters to confront Yiannopolous for being a “kike.”

The stories including Yiannopolous, Stone, and Jones don’t even talk about race. But Vice News does incorrectly label Yiannopolous as “alt-right,” and refer to the Deploraball, which Stone was attending as an “alt-right gathering.”

This is just yet another case of mainstream media (yes, Vice is mainstream now) hacks labeling all right-wingers as racists. Oftentimes, right-wingers like Yiannopoulos and Stone actually face more scrutiny than people like Richard Spencer, who are open racists.

While Roger Stone and Milo face Twitter bans, Richard Spencer continues to use the platform with no impediment. As Sargon of Akkad told Big League Politics, “extremists on the right pose no actual threat to the extremists on the left, whereas centrist classical liberal ideas really do.”

But did we really expect anything more from a company that runs stories such as “Getting Wasted on Cum Cocktails“? (I don’t advise reading that article.)

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