Vice Provides Platform for Convicted Child Sex Abuser

Vice released one of the more insane articles of the week on Friday, handing a platform to a convicted pedophile to explain how his gang of gay inmates fights incarcerated “Nazis.”

“Dennis Mintun, 56, is incarcerated at the Idaho State Correctional Institution in Boise, Idaho, where he is serving a 45-year sentence for three counts of sexual abuse of a child under 16,” the piece, titled “My Gay Prison Gang Fights Neo Nazis” said.

Minton describes his time in prison, starting with being “used” as the boyfriend of other inmates for protection, apparently because of his physical stature.

“At the time, one of the gangs, which called themselves the Aryan Knights, used ‘beating up fags and chomos (child molesters)’ as an initiation for new members,” he said. “Like I said, they pretty much avoided me — preferring to go after the smaller and weaker. But that meant that a number of gay men and transgender women suddenly wanted to be my boyfriend (or girlfriend), not because they liked me in that way, but because they figured I’d protect them.”

Apparently, Mintun went with the flow until an unidentified gang – presumably of the Aryan variety given the title of the piece – beat one of his gay friends to death. That is when Mintun decided to take action.

“With the help of two friends, I began to gather many of the gay and transgender inmates in a gang of our own,” he said. “We even formulated a set of ‘rules’ (really just common-sense advice), such as ‘never walk anywhere by yourself.’”

The gang triumphantly fights Aryans, according to Mintun.

“Our number-one objective was to counter the Aryans’ program of ‘jumping in recruits’ by beating up gays and sex offenders,” he said. “So we teamed up every time they tried, and after a few of their initiations went south, they began jokingly calling us the ‘Rainbow Warriors.'”

Nothing like a feel-good story from the leftists at Vice to cap off the week.

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