Victims Stabbed to Death After Black Lives Matter Rally in Britain Were ‘Proud’ LGBT Activists

Two of the three victims stabbed to death in an apparent act of anti-white animus following a Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally in Britain were celebrating “Pride” before their killing, according to a pro-LGBT publication.

Homosexuals Joe Ritchie-Bennett, 39, and James Furlong, 36, were stabbed to death following a BLM rally on Saturday at the Forbury Gardens in Reading. Khairi Saadallah, 25, is currently being held as a suspect for the heinous crime.

“He was the best son, brother, uncle and partner you could wish for. We are thankful for the memories he gave us all,” Furlong’s parents said about their late son. “We will never forget him and he will live in our hearts forever.”

“The family is heartbroken they have lost their brilliant and loving son. This was senseless,” Ritchie-Bennett’s father, Robert, said in a statement.

Martin Cooper, who leads Reading Pride and once lived the gay lifestyle alongside Ritchie-Bennett and Furlong, bemoaned the loss of his agenda’s faithful.

“Their loss is a tragedy to so many people,” Cooper said, adding that the men were “great supporters” of the local LGBT scene as well as “fun, engaging and a pleasure to be around.”

Britain has been undergoing a multicultural experiment for years resulting in calamity. Different leftist victimhood groups are feuding with each other because of incongruent values.

Big League Politics reported last year on how intersectionality backfired on the Brits when Muslims led a revolt against pro-LGBT indoctrination measures at public schools:

The various victim groups of the Left are coming unglued as third-world barbarism clashes with excessively tolerant westerners. An astounding 80 percent of kids were removed from a British community school after the predominantly Muslim parents felt their children were being brainwashed by the LGBT agenda.

As many as 600 children between the ages of 4 and 11 have been removed from Parkfield Community School in Birmingham to protest their ‘No Outsiders’ program that they believe attempts to mainstream homosexuality to the youth. The school consists of 98 percent Muslims, as the Islamic community begins to realize the downsides to invading the West.

The Alum Community Rock Forum is speaking out on behalf of Muslims who believe the “undermining of parental rights and aggressively promoting homosexuality” going on at the community school is completely unacceptable. They claim that “dialogue, petitioning and protests by parents have been repeated and arrogantly ignored” and are telling school administrators to “work with parents not against them.”

The school’s homosexual assistant head teacher Andrew Moffat has spearheaded this effort as an addendum to sex and relationship education (SRE) lessons already taking place at the school. He hopes to mainstream his lifestyle to the Muslim kids. Because of his efforts, children as young as four years old are reading books like ‘Mommy, Mama and Me’ and ‘King & King.’

“We bring our children here so they can later work as a solicitor or a teacher, not to be taught about being gay or a lesbian,”a father named Abdul Ma said to reporters.

“This is nothing but indoctrination of our children,” a mother named Razina Mahmood said. “You are using our children as an experiment.”

As leftism continues to take hold, there will inevitably be more friendly fire between different victim groups with divergent agendas.

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