VIDEO: Algerian Illegal Immigrants Cheer While Toppling de Gaulle Statue in France

France de Gaulle Statue Toppled

Illegal immigrants in France were recorded on video cheering and lighting fireworks as they toppled a statue of General Charles de Gaulle in what may be part of the new “Black Vest Movement” that is demanding legal status for illegal Algerian immigrants.

Shocking video shows what appears to be a crowd of over 100 illegal African immigrants celebrating with fireworks and cheers as they toppled a statue of de Gaulle in France. It is not known when the video was recorded, but it is likely the group is part of the new “Black Vest Movement” that is demanding legal status for African immigrants.

Big League Politics recently reported that the “Black Vest Movement” stormed the French pantheon and rioted for legal status:

A group of African illegal immigrants in France, calling itself the “Black Vests”, has stormed the French Pantheon monument and refuse to leave until they are granted the “documents” required for them to permanently reside in the country.

After months of being rocked by the Yellow Vest movement, a new group calling itself the “Black Vests” is demanding citizenship for illegal immigrants from West Africa. Today they stormed the French Pantheon monument and are refusing to leave until everyone in the Black Vest movement is granted documents allowing them to stay in the country.

Populist leader Marine Le Pen, who lost to French President Emmanuel Macron in 2017 but saw her party receive a major victory in this year’s European Parliament elections, posted her horrified response to the protest on Twitter.

They are believed to be the same group, or at least have the same motivations, as the group that briefly shut down a French airport earlier this year while shouting “France does not belong to the French!”

Big League Politics reported:

“France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!” one of the migrants reportedly yelled.

The protest was organized by an open borders group called Collectif La Chapelle Debout, which streamed the event live on its Facebook. The protestors referred to Air France as the “official deporter of the French state,” and demanded to speak with Edouard Philippe, French president Emmanuel Macron’s prime minister.

“Several hundred undocumented migrants invade Terminal 2 at Roissy airport to denounce evictions and the treatment of undocumented migrants. Use of tear gas by police officers. They want to talk to the CEO of Air France and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe,” said French journalist Remy Buisine.

The societal breakdown in France could be an eerie look into the future of the United States if obstructionist Democrats do not allow the president to enact his America First agenda.

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