VIDEO: America First PAC Defends Marjorie Greene and Rips Her Swamp Opponent a New One

Congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene is going on offense against her Republican rival John Cowan.

Greene is currently running in Georgia’s 14th congressional district and will be facing off against Cowan during a runoff election on August 11.

Drain the DC Swamp PAC, a conservative PAC that promotes America First candidates, recently posted several messages on FB in favor of Greene.

On August 4, 2020, the PAC posted “We fully endorse Marjorie Taylor Greene for Congress for Congress and call on all patriots in Northwest Georgia to turn out for her and VOTE on August 11th. She is pro-Trump and conservative. Our nation is under attack by godless socialists who hate America and we need a fighter in Congress who will stop them. These same socialists are trying to vote in the primary to stop Marjorie Greene. We must not let that happen! Vote Marjorie Greene to save America from the radical left!”

A few days later, the PAC page attacked Cowan by declaring that “John Cowan is the SWAMP and is backed by the SWAMP.”

It noted:

John Cowan is the SWAMP and is backed by the SWAMP. He won’t stand up to the socialists. He is OK with renaming our great Georgia military bases – Fort Benning and Fort Stewart. Fort Benning trains the US Army Infantry, Airborne, and Rangers. Fort Stewart is the home of the prestigious 3rd Infantry Division.These two bases trained and deployed America’s combat soldiers all throughout the world and they are the same bases who trained the fighting men who won two world wars.Vote AGAINST sellout John Cowan.

The PAC called on voters in Georgia’s 14th district to vote against Cowan “or he will sell out to the socialists.”

Drain the DC Swamp PAC is an organization that promotes conservative policies such as “protecting life to protecting our borders, we support those who fight for traditional values, our Constitution, and our Country.”

The PAC also supports “President Trump’s vision of a government of, by, and for the people. We believe the people have the right to know what their government is doing, and support leaders who aren’t afraid to hold it accountable.”

Greene is the America First candidate in this race who will stand up for the right to bear arms and promote pro-life policies.

This is one race America First champions cannot ignore.

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