VIDEO: Andrew Gillum Staffer Assaults Elderly Jewish Republican Voter At Florida Polls

A female Jewish Republican voter was assaulted by an Andrew Gillum campaign staffer after being bullied, abused and harassed at a Florida polling location at the Ezell Hester, Jr. Community Park in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Cindy Falco-DiCorrado was holding large Donald Trump signs as she related the story of her assualt on video to Big League Politics says she went to the polling location with a Ron DeSantis sign and was harassed all day by Gillum staffers and Democrats until finally the large man assaulted her, knocking her cell phone out of her hand and breaking it. Police were called, and a police report was filed.


This type of bullying, harassment and violence is the hallmark of the new Democrat Party which is definitely not your parents’ Democrat Party. They’re lightweights on policy, solutions and anything to better our nation, but they’re heavyweights on intimidation, bullying, harassment, violence, and anything that poses opposition to President Donald Trump, no matter how good of a job he may be doing.

Falco-DiCorrado described the racist comments Gillum’s staffer made, including that he hates all white people and that she should be “thankful” for the black man because without the black man there would be no white race.

It seems as though Andrew Gillum’s incitement of violence against Conservatives is being listened to by his own supporters who are representing Gillum at campaign events across the country, as this man who assaulted Falco-DiCorrado represented Gillum while wearing a bright blue Andrew Gillum t-shirt.

Gillum is only a symptom of the disease which has the Left encouraging violence among their supporters as we’ve seen recently with prominent Democrats Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Tim Kaine and many others who have called on Democrats to “kick Republicans”, “take the fight to the streets”, and harass Trump administration officials and Republican voters in public.

Political violence is a malignant, terminal cancer eating at the fabric of our Constitutional republic.

Bob Marley wrote in his song “Rat Race”:

“Political violence fill your city ye-ah.

When you think it’s ‘Peace and Safety’ a sudden destruction. Collective security, for surety ye-ah. Don’t forget your history.”

History is surely repeating itself as violent left wing groups are now using increasing amounts of violence, harassment, censorship, and bullying to silence any and all political opposition.

Andrew Gillum is dangerous to America and fatal to Florida. This closely watched Gubernatorial race will decide the future of Florida.

Florida voters have already flocked to the polls to vote early, and many more will make their decision on November 6 in this closely monitored and contentious race.


Laura Loomer is a conservative investigative journalist and activist. Originally from Arizona, Laura began her career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas from 2015-2017. She covers politics, anti-Semitism, immigration, terrorism, the Islamification of the West, and voter fraud. Loomer’s investigations have been broadcasted on every major national mainstream media outlet in the United States, as well as many international publications. Support Laura Loomer’s Independent Journalism here:

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