VIDEO: Ann Coulter Implores Trump to “Build The Wall” During Politicon Interview

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter pleaded with President Donald J. Trump to build a wall during a question and answer session at Politicon, an annual political convention, on Saturday.

“It reminds me of one of the reasons I’m a little testy with out Commander-in-Chief,” Coulter said when asked about the migrant caravan hurling towards the southern border.

“[Trump] may not have realized why the chant of his campaign became “Build the Wall,” but those of us who were chanting it – this is why we wanted a wall – so we’re not constantly dealing with it,” she said.

Coulter excoriated the liberal talking point that the migrants are “refugees who are “seeking asylum” to get away from political violence, noting that the caravan just happens to be traveling through and past several countries where they could relocate and into America, the world’s largest welfare state.

Coulter also implored Trump put pressure on Congress to fund the wall by threatening to withhold other agenda items that are popular with their constituents, like more tax cuts.

“I’m not against tax cuts – love tax cuts – but that isn’t what people were chanting at those 30,000 person rallies, and probably because half the country doesn’t pay taxes,” she said.


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