VIDEO: ANTIFA Bull Rushes Police Line, Beaten Back With Batons

D.C. Metro Police have their hands full with ANTIFA as masked rioters destroy private property and attempt to cause havoc.

Reporters captured a masked man attempting (but failing) to destroy his paper’s newsstand by dragging into the middle of the street.

A police officer approached the likely basement dweller and chided him for his childish behavior in a manner similar to a father reprimanding a toddler instead of arresting the would be rioter.

Moments later the ANTIFA mob attempted to bull rush a police line protecting the Demand Free Speech Rally from the violent actions of the masked leftists, only to subsequently be beaten back with batons rather swiftly.

WATCH the clips below:


Washington Examiner Report Julio Rosas was physically blocked from entering the ANTIFA anti-free speech counter protest to the #DemandFreeSpeech Rally in Washington D.C.

As Rosas attempted to enter the protest area to film and report on the ANTIFA antics, a swarm of pale miserable people restricted his entry into their so-called “safe space.”


It seems that these self hating white liberals have something to hide and do not want unfriendly media to capture the radical nature of their speeches.

In fact, the organizers of the “All Out DC” anti-free speech rally set out a list of rules that they demanded the press to follow.

The rules demanded that journalists ask permission to film attendees before doing so in the massive public space where the protest against free speech was occurring.

Another rule commanded journalists to not release any footage that could incriminate anyone.

This can only mean that ANTIFA is planning on conducting criminal acts on the the space.

The attempts to silence reporting on their events seems to be increasing after the violent assault on journalist Andy Ngo.

BLP reported:

Quillette reporter Andy Ngo was beaten by a raucous mob of Antifa thugs, who then stole his GoPro camera and escaped while police stood down.

“I just got beat up by the crowd,” Ngo said in Periscope video, with cuts and bruises on his face. “No police at all. In the middle of the street – and they stole my GoPro. And they punched me several times in my face and head. I’m bleeding.”

Milkshakes and other materials were also tossed on Ngo during the scuffle.

Finally, what appear to be paramedics showed up to ask Ngo if he was all right. He complained to them about the lack of police presence, but they shrugged off his complaints.

WATCH the video of the assault here:


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