VIDEO: ANTIFA, Patriot Groups Skirmish Outside of Portland Justice Center

Patriotic and conservative demonstrators were attacked by mobs of ANTIFA militants outside of the Portland Justice Center on Saturday, with leftist rioters throwing projectile objects at pro-American protestors and attacking them.

However, some of the right wing demonstrators appeared prepared for self defense, and ANTIFA attempts to bullrush the conservative protestors were rebuked with chemical agents and a shield wall.

One antifa attempting to pummel the pro-American demonstrators with a baseball was forced to retreat, as he was barraged with chemical deterrent sprays.

The right wing demonstrators left the scene shortly after the Portland Police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly, having done little to prevent violence from the part of the left-wing crowd. The event signals the first time in recent memory that conservatives have opposed ANTIFA on the streets of Portland, a city known for a culture of left-wing violence, property destruction, and complicity on the part of city officials with these crimes.

Patriot groups expressed their support for law enforcement, and carried placards condemning Marxist ideology.

No arrests seem to have been made, despite loud demands that the Portland Police arrest the right-wing demonstrators on the part of Portland ANTIFA.

Turns out ANTIFA isn’t as tough as they seem when they’re presented with an opposition that won’t meekly cave and back down.


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