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VIDEO: Antifa Thugs Laugh About Attacking Andy Ngo With Cement “Milkshake”

The Portland progressives are proud of their violent attack on the conservative journalist.



Portland journalist Andy Ngo has published a disturbing video of masked Antifa demonstrators celebrating a violent attack their comrades carried out on him in June, in which Ngo was pelted with a “milkshake” that contained quick-dry cement.

The black-clad and masked Antifas repeat mantras and blast horns in the video, which was originally recorded by citizen journalist Brandon Brown. They speak directly to Ngo, asking him sarcastically and threateningly if he’d like them to “buy him another milkshake,” with “no cement this time.” They laugh wildly at the mention of the dangerous cement improvised chemical weapon.

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Ngo was seriously injured by Antifa thugs who assailed him at the June event, leading to his hospitalization. He suffered a brain hemorrhage and a ripped ear. The cement milkshake could have caused even more severe and possibly life-threatening injuries, but fortunately Ngo was quickly treated to prevent the toxic chemical from inflicting serious wounds.

Ngo is apparently a high-value target for Antifa demonstrators. In the cement taunt video, they chant “Andy Ngo’s a b******” in addition to “all cops are b******.”

The thugs make it clear they don’t repent for their violent acts. One says “we’re sorry about that one” in reference to the incident in a sarcastic tone, before the other masked jackals laugh. They laugh with even more glee as another questions “are we?”

Portland has become notorious for the presence of some of the most threatening and dangerous Antifa terrorist groups in the United States. They regularly respond with violence towards pro-American groups and demonstrators that come to the city of Portland in attempts to utilize their First Amendment rights in the city.

An Antifa thug who seriously injured a patriotic demonstrator was recently sentenced to six years in prison. It’s possible the punishment handed to Gage Halupowski will serve as a deterrent to future Antifa violence, but if the new video of Antifas lauding a violent chemical attack on a citizen journalist serves as an indication, they don’t intend to let up on their terror campaign.

Violent Left

Biden Supporter Arrested After Shooting at Trump Supporters Driving Pickup Truck



Police have made an arrest in Kingsville, Maryland, after a Joe Biden supporter shot at Trump supporters driving a pickup truck.

The incident happened outside the Biden supporter’s residence. Douglas Kuhn was putting a large “Biden for President” sign up on his property on Saturday, October 17, when drivers of a pickup truck sporting Trump flags innocuously honked their horn while driving by. That was when Kuhn shot at them, according to the Baltimore County Police Department.

Thankfully no one was killed or injured. The pickup truck did not sustain any damage either.

The College Republicans at Towson University released the following statement, noting that the shooting victims were the organization’s former vice president and his father:

Douglas Kuhn is currently being held in jail without bail. He has been charged with both first- and second-degree assault.

How many times have we seen or heard stories about leftists—from Biden supporters to Antifa thugs—assaulting or shooting Trump supporters over the past four years? I stopped counting a while ago. Now compare that to the number of times we’ve seen or heard stories about the reverse. It’s negligible. If it happened the mainstream media wouldn’t let us hear the end of it.

Journalists won’t even bother asking Joe Biden about this story, so don’t hold your breath. As Tucker Carlson pointed out in last night’s monologue, they are significantly more concerned with the flavor of shakes he orders during campaign stops.

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