VIDEO: Apple CEO Calls For ‘Recruiting’ Immigrants On Panel With Bloomberg, Pushing ‘Extremely Hard’ On DACA

YouTube screenshot

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared on a Bloomberg Global Business Forum Wednesday with Michael Bloomberg to discuss how he is pushing hard in support of DACA participants and immigration in general to the United States.

“We’re pushing extremely hard on this,” Cook said. “I think it’s the biggest issue of our time…this is, are we human, are we acting on a track of morality?”

“They love America deeply,” Cook said. “When you talk to them, I wish everyone in America loved America this much…They’re incredible people.”

Cook said that deporting illegal aliens would be the same as someone going up to Michael Bloomberg and telling him he’s not a citizen.

“I am personally shocked that there is even a discussion of this,” Cook said, referring to the divisive immigration debate.

“On the broader subject of immigration, if I were a country leader right now my goal would be to monopolize the world’s talent,” Cook said. “I’d want every smart person coming to my country.”

“I’d have a very aggressive plan not just to let a few people in, I would be recruiting,” Cook said.

Bloomberg said that “these people [DACA participants] may be here illegally but they didn’t commit a crime. Also, we need them.”


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